The Fuel Flow Measurement System-Coriolis Technology

Fuel cost is one of the biggest factors for operating ships and represents 50-70 % of the total operating cost of the vessel. As the prices of fuel reach a new high every day and the environmental policies on ships’ emission become more stringent, it becomes very important for the shipping companies to keep a check on fuel consumption and utilization and develop ways to correctly measure the quantity of the fuel used on board ship.

Today, the price of Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) is approximately $700 per ton and Marine Gas Oil (MGO) costs above $1200 per ton in the international market. Therefore it is very important to measure the accurate quantity of fuel and ensure that it’s not being wastage in anyway. For this, a new technology with an accurate mass flow rate meter technology is need of the hour.

The fuel flow metering technology – Coriolis Technology has been developed which might help greatly in fuel measuring on board ships.

What is Flow meter?

A Flow meter is an instrument which when placed in line with the liquid flow, measures the linear, non linear, volumetric, and mass flow rate of the liquid so that the quantity of the fluid flowing can be determined.

The Coriolis Technology – The New Fluid Monitoring Technology

The Coriolis flow meters measure directly the accurate mass flow rate of the fluid and eliminates the need of further mathematical calculations since marine bunker billing are mass based.

It does not have any moving parts but consists of transducers and temperature sensors which provide a very accurate output.

The flow meter works on thermodynamic heat conduction principle and is only minutely dependent on the density, pressure, and viscosity of the liquid, which makes it feasible to measure the flow rate even if there is entrained gas along with the fluid to be measured.

Application of Coriolis Technology

  • Bunker measurement: Bunker fuel measurement disputes are very common as accurate measurement of the marine fuel is not often possible with conventional flow meter system. Hence the Coriolis system can play an important role in bunkering operation.
  • Efficiency and power calculation: Fuel Efficiency of the ships’ plant and power can be measured more authentically if an accurate and correct flow measurement is available.

Advantages of Coriolis Technology

  • They are free from rotating parts hence less chances of breakdowns.
  • Measurement is accurate.
  • No need of further mathematical calculations.
  • Elimination of human error factor.
  • Best suited for HFO applications as not affected by density and viscosity of the fluid.
  • Can tolerate portion of air in the liquid & still delivers acceptable performance.
  • In addition to mass measurement, density and temperature are also measured.
  • Some Coriolis meters features in-situ meter verification technology, hence no need to remove the meter for calibrating mechanical characteristics of the meter.

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  2. I need a diesel fuel flow meter, for a 315 hp yanmar diesel with a max flow of 15 gph. do you have?

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