10 Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy is Unlike Any Other

A career in merchant navy is a unique blend of variety encompassed in a single domain. By opting for a merchant navy career, individuals can combine a lot of different facets and gain a lot of exposure in terms of professionalism, adaptability and travel. Detailed below is a list of 10 such points which make merchant navy careers so singular and completely unlike any:

Lucrative Pay-Package

There are very few lines of work around the world that pay the kind of salary to entry level officers as the merchant navy does. A very big incentive for anyone to take up a profession is the allure of pay-packages and salaries. Starting at about US$ 1,500 and extending up to about US$ 3,000 per month. Note that this is notwithstanding the training period for approximately a year wherein a stipend is paid out ranging between $500 to $800.

merchant navy salary

The payment scales are set as per the existing IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and ILO (International Labour Organisation) laws. While the salaries have set pattern across the globe, it differs among companies and more importantly, it increases with experience.

10 Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy is Unlike Any Other

Tax Benefits

Paying taxes is a responsibility that everyone is aware of. However, people involved in the merchant marine are exempted from paying taxes, if they meet the requirements necessary for exemption purposes. A merchant marine professional has to spend a minimum of six months on-duty aboard a vessel, following which the professional will be exempt from paying tax for the specified financial year.

Photo Credits: Deck Cadet Ace John Alzaga

However, this is not professional tax advice and laws differ among countries so it is best to check up on the tax laws. For example, in India, one paid for his services while out of the country for 183 days or more has to be exempted from income tax.

Destinations Galore

People involved in the merchant marines get to experience exotic destinations across the whole world. And since jobs in merchant navy require an individual to spend extended periods of time at sea, there is no dearth of time when it comes to exploring these singular destinations.


While the work onboard in ports takes up half the time, the other half is available to visit the new country as long as the vessel is alongside. Based on the charter, the vessel might be in a different country every now and then, leaving the seafaring with a long list of countries he/she covers!

Confluence of Cultures

A professional involved in a merchant marine career gets to meet and mingle with people of different cultures and nationalities. This helps the individual to understand and function better as a team player and learn the nuances of different cultures and traditions at the same time. This automatically increases adaptability and brings about more awareness about what goes and what doesn’t in a different country.

Credits: Sailors’ Society

A merchant navy officer is easily malleable and can fit in with people around the world without much effort owing to their regular exchange with foreign nationals. Even if a ship employs a single nationality crew, working with the port officials from different countries also adds a great deal of awareness among seafarers about cultures and customs.

Enhances Professionalism

Working in the merchant navy enables individuals to function better as a unit. Merchant mariners are required to possess good communication skills and extreme resourcefulness, along with following and maintaining high discipline. These qualities are further honed when a person spends considerable amount of time functioning as a part of a novel team in the high seas.

women seafarer
Credits: ISWAN Videos/YouTube

A person not only evolves professionally but also personally while working in merchant navy. This degree of professionalism comes with a great deal of responsibility towards the vessel and the crew; years of rigorous training in the field might make make certain tasks look mundane to a layman, however, to have achieved that level of expertise has come with it a lot of diligent work over the years.

Extensive Exposure

Merchant navy careers offer a lot of exposure to unexpected events, situations and emergencies. By facing such unmitigated events, professionals gain a widespread knowledge about dealing and facing such problems, in the event of them arising again. The exposure one gets in this field is unlike anywhere else and which helps a person to grow in every aspect.

Engine Performance

The aspect of professionalism also kicks in wherein the ability to be quick with decisions and problem solving is paramount. Lack of precision can be devastating onboard and with constant exposure to a high degree of work ethic over the years, a seafarer becomes conditioned to sudden jolts!

Inspiring Adventure

A career in merchant marines is like having adventures on a day-to-day basis. It’s an adventurous life out there. Other routine jobs, involve people having to spend nine hours in an office. This is not for people who like nine-to-five jobs. Merchant mariners get to explore and view the excellent oceanic vista for days on end which, acts as inspiration unlike any.

ship in storm

Being at the mercy of the ocean naturally demands a considerable level of commitment from one’s part. It is not all sunshine and peaches at sea and ‘adventure’ can also mean that one has to be sharp at all times, ready to face the perils of the sea as well as the ship and her crew.

Demanding/Less Demanding Qualifications

A career in merchant navy can be taken up immediately after clearing the high school examinations with subjects like physics and mathematics. For individuals who do not want to gain higher college education or cannot do so because of certain reasons, taking up a merchant marine career is the most feasible choice. Not only does it provide good pay but also helps in molding a better career.

Credits: seafarerswelfareawards.org

Having said that, there are careers in merchant navy that requires high qualifications as well. The kind of subjects taught while an individual is undergoing his training at an institute can be extensive. From astronomy to engineering to celestial navigation and maritime law, the study in the shipping field to become a qualified officer covers a wide array of knowledge. However, for those that aspire to be regular seamen, the merchant marine provides an opportunity like no other; in that, with minimal qualification a person can be assured a good pay and the prospect of extensive travel.

Regulated life-style

Punctuality and discipline are two very important qualities that a person gains through a merchant marine career. Since the oceans are highly unpredictable, a seaman has to be highly cautious, focused and alert to counter any eventuality, thereby reducing the repercussions substantially. These two qualities are imbibed in maritime professionals right from their college training.

Photograph by Emmanuel Ephraim

The professionals are expected to follow a strict disciplined lifestyle according to navy rules and are also required to wear navy uniforms throughout their careers. In case you are uniform fan, maritime career is an exciting option for you. The discipline goes a long way in real life and brings about some really positive changes in everyday life. It is this discipline onboard that enables a young officer to become an adept Master years later.

Extended Vacations

Since the nature of the merchant navy job require long working periods, the vacations offered to merchant marine professionals are equally compensating. This enables these professionals to enjoy the best of both worlds – land and water.

merchant navy family

A 2-4 months vacation is definitely long enough to unwind and follow all your passions, isn’t it? The vacation a seafarer gets is in its truest form- there is absolutely no stress of work while a seafarer is back home and he gets to enjoy the time with his family to the fullest.

People with unbridled enthusiasm and zest for life can very well opt for a merchant marine career. It would be satiating without the person ever experiencing any regrets whatsoever in his profession of choice.

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Shilavadra Bhattacharjee is a shipbroker with a background in commercial operations after having sailed onboard as a Third Officer. His interests primarily lie in the energy sector, books and travelling.

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  1. the list of resons given to join merchant navy are not factually right.
    1. the salary is not high as you only earn for the period u are at sea. when you are no home u dont earn anything. the spread of ur earning is almost same as the shore
    2. adventure and site seeing has become a thing of past. Loading discharging rates are very high and vessel hardly have time in port
    3. the pressure from the profession is so much that most of the people dont go out now days. remember and offence in shipping is treated as a criminal offence
    4. As it is mentioned there is no much to study is also wrong. You have to continously be in touch with new things and new regulation need the courses to be done
    5. last thing in this world people are worried about is the seafares. let it Somalia or any other country who arrested the seafares with out any reson. nothing has been done and nothing will be done in future
    6.i have been sailing from last 14 yrs and sincerly recommend people not to join sea. The pay at sea is for the life people lead not for the job they do.

  2. @Dibya-are u sure sir? If yes, then I will not join Merchant Navy ever..
    What is your salary right now?
    Do you also get paid leave?
    Please send me in detail about the life on ship and what are its impact on our family and wife?

    Email ID: Hshimanshu978@gmail.com
    Just for sake whether I am eligible for Merchant Navy.
    Sir, I want to join Merchant Navy. I am in the final year of Mech engg.
    When the pre-sea training starts?
    My marks: 72% in +2, 74% in 10th, 58 and 48 in Eng. in 10th & +2 respectively.
    B.tech: 77% average..
    What is the initial pay package?
    My sir used to get Rs60k in foreign ship but has now left the job and is doing MBA..

  3. being a pakistani seafarer, i will must say that we have shortage of jobs. Pakistani and indians are very talented seaman all over the world. But the problem is there is no job for them.

  4. hi guys ,i am a sea faer my self and feel that this job is best for a guy ,who have a positive attiude and by the way salary depend upon rank and company.The salary package is good than most other jobs by the way there are hurdles and trails in every profession so new coomers who want to join as a sailor if you bealive in fallowing up your dreams just dont give up but explore more.

  5. sir i want to know what is the life of merchant navy is it is really hard……& salary is good or not…………..plz tell me

  6. Do not get carried away by tall claims of salary. Its simply not worth it for the reasons already specified by Dibya. Few additional points I would like to add is as follows:
    1. You have to spend lot of money (at least INR 1,50,000/- (depending on the course) to do a course on “pre sea training”. After spending for this course you will then have to hunt for a job. Unless you are well connected you can just about forget it.
    2. You will be spending more money every time you have to appear for exams/ course etc.
    3. Family members are not covered under company’s insurance policy as are most of the employees working in shore office, banks, factories etc.
    4. You are also not covered by insurance when you sign off from the ship.
    5. Some times ship stays at anchor for a month or so & during this period you are stuck on board as companies are reluctant to provide you with launch service to cut back on costs. During this period even water is a scarcity & so water is rationed.
    6. If you are working on a super tanker then only time you are likely to step on land (after you have joined a vessel) is after you have signed off & on your way back home. (which may be 4 to 6 months later.

    There are probably many other reasons which I cannot think of for the moment. Most important ones I am sure have been covered. I am i this industry for about 30 years & I would not recommend this profession to any one.
    God bless all the sailors who are brave enough to sail.

    All the best & take care

  7. Pllz tel me should i join merchant navy or not how much i earn maximum in this field plz tel me i am wtng

  8. I am pursuing BE in CS ,I got selected to a alpha 9 marine during campus selection , they outsource student to merchant navy , plz if anyone knows give information about it

  9. Dear Sujith,

    Alpha 9 marine is not a company but a 3rd party. They will help you in getting admission but cannot guarantee Job.
    In which stream you got selected Marine engineering or Deck cadet?

  10. The salry in Merchant Navy is indeed high for freshers. At the age of 21 with three years training, how many other professions can offer you a salary of USD 3500 pm (round the year). In 12-14 years you can be captain or chief engineer and draw about USD 8500 pm round the year (current rate, after 15 years it will be obviously more). Here I am talking about oil tankers. In general cargo and bulk carriers the salary is a bit less, only a bit.

  11. is life in merchant navy s hectic as officer hs to stay away from home around 6 months.Are there any companies where on sea duration s less

  12. Dear Deepak,

    yes it is quite hectic due to both physical and mental involvement.
    Their are some companies which gives 3-4 months contract but to management level officers. Very few in count gives such contract to all officers onboard.

  13. dear anish,
    Thank you for information and alpha 9 is visiting my college and they demand 6 lakhs for training.should i gor for it .can i get sponsorship from companies for training.what are the other career available after quiting merchant navy?any offshore jobs.

  14. Can i join the merchant navy in ETO course. plz give me detail about this course. and life in merchant navy.

  15. 1)Sir, is Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy a good one??
    The are promising a 100% placement.
    2)Is the 6 month Leave A Paid leave??

  16. 1) Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy is good in terms as they have their own ship management company.
    2) The leave is not paid.

  17. Thanks for this Wonderful Information.
    Now I want to make my career in Merchant Navy and want to shine it in Luxurious ways.
    It’s really a good opportunity for all youngsters! 🙂



  19. how is life as 4 or 3 grade engineer in merchant navy. ? and what are the other career available after quitting merchant navy. . ?
    plz do reply

  20. I have done B.E. in Electrical and Electronics engineering (EEE). I am about to start off my pre sea training through Alpha9marine services. I would like to know detailed info regarding following issues:

    (a) Working hours, Salary structure and on board and of board time for a TME and a 4th engineer.
    (b) Expenditure and procedure regarding exams meant for promotion.
    (c) Your comments on joining Peter Dohle as a TME.
    (d) What will be the career opportunities if I wish to quit this job after 5 years or so.

  21. sir, i want to do GME course. is there any guarantee of job after completion of course.?

  22. Sir, I am pursuing B.Tech in Information technology. this is my last year. my final semester exam completed at the end of may. I want to join Merchant Navy. Please tell me, how i can join Merchant Navy.I Get 77% in 10th, 62% in 12th & aggregate 67% in b.tech till 7th semester. Please Sir suggest me to join Merchant Navy.

  23. At this discussion…I would like to share my experience…
    I had a dream to join such a profession that involves a great deal of adventure and travelling…although I also liked sport…so I went before joining defence…cleared NDA exam but wasn’t able to clear ssb…so I cleared Indian navy exam to join as a sailor and in wait of my call letter I just gave the IMU cent exam without having any knowledge regarding this field of m. Navy or any relative being in this field…by luck I got 57th rank all India…so I decided to go for d counselling in chennai…I had no idea but I opted for a govt company’s institute and easily got into it by getting the 2nd last seat…I must tell u d one year that I passed in my institute in Mumbai was d best time of my life…and now I have completed half of my sea time as a trainee…

    If u come into this field with a right path, u will face less difficulties and as far as I am concerned I feel gr8 that I chose this field as a career…
    Some points are there I too have felt like cargo operations today take less time n officers are under immence pressure so they don’t go for shore leave…but at the end one thing is sure if u want to earn early and wanna get a respectable job do join this profession,,,but also get ready for big challenges as sometimes we have to be awake continuously for 36 hours and then u can’t complain to MLC…lol…best of luck

  24. Sir, i have been selected by the Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy as GME trainee. I have to join the academy by next june. For the training period I have to spend a sum of 4.4 lakh rupees.
    1) Is Anglo Eastern provides 100% job assurance?
    2) They are giving a starting salary of 25000. Is this the usual salary in this field?
    3) How long has to sail in an year?
    4) Is the leave a paid one?
    5) Are the exams are much tough to get pass? Is there any exam to get promotion to a 3rd Engineer?
    6) What would be the salary of a 3rd engineer?

    Sir, please reply me as early as you can, beacuse i have to take a decision whether to join this or not. Itz only one more week left to pay the amount and confirm my seat. Please sir

  25. @ Vijay:

    1. Yes…only if you are a sponsored candidate
    2. Yes.It will be considered as stipend and not salary.
    3. Initially one contract duration will be minimum of 6 months in junior positions and 4 months in senior position
    4. Depends on the nature of contract (round the year contract). AE does not provide paid leave
    5. They are unlike any other technical exams. You need to study hard. No, you don’t have to appear for any exam to be a 3rd engineer.
    6. It varies from type of ships, sailing route (coastal or FG) and company salary structure. Approx- USD 2000 – USD 3500.

  26. Sir ,
    I’m currently doing my BE final year in Industrial and production engineering . I desire to join merchant navy after my engineering . But according to my research about joining merchant navy , I need to have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering .

    Is this really the case of all the candidates who desire to join Merchant navy ? Do we need to have a degree in mechanical engineering ?
    Or can i join merchant navy with I&P degree ? If yes which are the institutes that entertain this ? and what the further steps that i need to take ?
    Sir please help me with this .Thankyou

  27. Sir,
    I ‘m getting addmission in MERI Kolkata ( earlier also known as DMET )
    1> Does MERI Kolkata is good coledge for B.TECH in Marine Engineering ? If not then which is the top most Maritime Coledge in india with 100% job guaranteed placements !

    2> Does, after passing out from MERI ! I’ll get a well paid job ?

    3> Does big Shipment companies provide paid leave to Juniour or 3rd engineers ?

    4> Does MEO CLASS 4 , 2 , 1 exams are tough enough to become hurdle in the path of an individual to succeed in this field ?

    5> And at last please advice me whether to choose this field or not.
    Aah i like to mention that ” I’m choosing this field because i love travelling and adventure & wana explore the whole world for free [ & as a marine engineer i think it’ll help me enough to fullfil my dreame ].

  28. Dear Rajat,

    Please find below the answers for your queries:
    1. Yes. It is a Govt. College.
    Difficult to list college with 100% job placement record

    2. Depends on the placement cell of the college. DMET is a reputed institute.

    3. No paid leaves.

    4. Yes, they are tough enough. These Exams are not hurdles but steps to enhance for becoming certified engineer.

    5. It all depends on your choice and state of mind. It is important to have a positive attitude towards your job.
    Most of the candidates want to explore the world with this job, but do remember, you are getting paid for working onboard ship and not for traveling on it. 30-50% mariners quit sea jobs before going to management level position on ships.

  29. Thanks Sir, for your reply ‘ll appreciate your help….
    I’ve 2-3 more queries in my mind…
    1> Does Marine Markets in India are good enough to join it as an career ?
    I mean to say that, does an indvidual ( fresher ) who is new to this field ‘ll get job eassily if he/she has good knowledge of his/her job.
    ‘m asking this because ‘ve heard alot that marine market are not good enough in india.
    There are lots of fake consultasies who ‘ll promise you 100% job guarantee with US, UK …companies but at end result is 1 ‘ll loss his /her money [ & left fooled out ].
    So, how one can survive well in this field without having any family refrence [ i.e 1 who has no family member working in good position (i.e as a cheif Eng, captain etc ) in Marine Companies ]

    2> Does one can get another contract easily after fininishing his previous one.

    3 > Does sailing contracts are of short duration in a particular marine company or an individual can continue with that company in future also.

    4 > Does company give home leave to an individual or we can choose whether to sail continuosly after completing our previous sail or we can ask of our own to take leave ?

    Hope, u’ll not freak out…of my questions.
    & ‘ll reply soon.
    Thank you 😀 🙂

  30. @ Rajat:
    1. No. The current situation for freshers is in the bad shape. You are right about fake agents and companies taking advantage of this situation.

    2. IT is not that easy due to job crunch. Even Class IV engineers and 3rd officers are waiting for 6months to 1 year to get a job onboard.

    3. Sailing contract will be short once you are management level. No difference if you continue with the company for ing period.
    Only few companies are providing 4 months contract for operational level officers.

    4. Unless you are not in the round the year terms, it is a contract period job. You will sail for contract duration (Say 6 months) then you are signed off from ship. It depends on your and next ships availability to sail further. No restrictions from the company to sail continuously.

  31. Thanks Bro…
    For your well explained answers !
    If the job vacancy conditions of Marine Engineers are so pity then why Marine jobs are taged in the list of ” HEIGHEST PAYING JOBS “….
    Then according to current status of Marine Market !
    A Marine Engineer ( fresher ) can hardly earn 3000 USD [ 1,80,000 Rs. ] per annum & in 6 months of Sailing earning 500USD [ 30,000 Rs. ] per Month !
    its too low after spending 9 – 10 lakhs for a B.TECH. Marine Engineering Degree from a good Maritime Institute [ like – TS. Chanakya , MERI – Kol/Mum. etc ].
    Really , it is becoming very hard for me choose this line as a career…Well, I already explained above i want travel & adventure in my life . So, ‘m in a search of travelling job with a good pay…
    I got 135 in JEE Mains [ Gen Category ] left with no other option but to take drop this year, Because ‘m getting any good college.
    ‘ve also given IMU CET exam this year … In the hope of good career in Marine Engineering but ‘m very disapointed & confused ….
    Can you help me out whether to choose Marine Engineering as a career or not ? [ because ‘m still confused of its two sided different faces …
    1 side its compared to heighest paying jobs in the world with lucrative career.
    another side the job condition are so poor k khaney k laaley padey hain girtey padtey job milegi with no future. ]

    I think u r also Mariner ?
    How’s your Job life going !

  32. heyy anish sir i jst read u r various suggestion regarding merchant navy and i like it.i too had some queries regarding it i m going for gp rating course through phoenix marine servives pvt ltd with a course package of total 5.5 lakhs including institute fee there accomodation and vessels sponsorship amount they said i will get the placement guaranteed after 6 months institue course and than directly onboard of that sponsored company there traing for abt 8-12 months along with stipend after completing training giving promotionals xams they said i will move forward along with increment in salarayy so plzz guide me regarding this…..

  33. Hi!
    Sir I m passed 10 2 & my subject is Physics, chemistry & mathematics but my marks is only 56% and I want to join merchant navy so please tell me sir about my joining.

  34. hai sir i to want to join merchant navy but my 10 marks in sci were 54% can i join it. do some company give payments of 6 months leave also..

  35. Hello sir, I’m selected for b.tech in marine engineering in tolani maritime Institute… I’ve heard it is the beat private college in India… Is this correct? Should i join the course? If i work Hard in that institute and get a good co. What could be my salary… I prefer adventurous job… I like hurdles and difficulty in life… And then rewards…

  36. Sir,

    i have got air 303 in IMU CET
    i am thinking of joining MERI Calcutta
    please give the following information

    1. Placement percentage
    2. Avg. package
    3. if it is a centrally funded univ. then why is the fee so high?

  37. Dear Anish sir,
    I have gone through each of your posts. I am a final year student and have cleared the examination for ETO courses in The Great Eastern Shipping company. They are to provide me with a training for the same and I am joining the institute in November. My question to you is whether I should proceed with this because I really am shocked reading about the job crunch situation that you mentioned earlier.

    Please reply

  38. sir, what should i study after my 12 if i want to join merchant navy. i dont want to become marine engineer in the ship , do some company give paid leaves to their candidates,Sir please suggest me In which post i should apply to get good amount of salary.
    do some company also give12 months job. sir please do reply me.

  39. hi sir,
    i would like to know more abt alpha9. few of my frndz tell dat itz fake. they said us that vll get job afta v write coc exam . s it true sir ? i really hv no idea abt dis . plz help me out sir.

  40. Thanks, Anish Sir !
    For clearing my each & every doubts with your well explained….answers.
    Sir, does builing your career as a engineer in Super/Luxury Yatch ‘ll be considered as a good option ?
    ‘ll a individual can get a decent salary on yatchs !

  41. sir,
    plz tell me about Luxury Yatches….
    Does engineers onboard in Luxury Yatches get decent salary ?
    Although, i came to know Engineers of Yatches are fixed [ round a year ]..?

  42. @ Rajat,

    Yes, they do get decent salary. Yacht engineers are mostly on round the year contract but the contract type purely depends on the employer.

  43. Sir,
    Then how to get job as an Engineer on Yatchs ?
    I mean what is the requirements ?
    Does b.tech in Marine Engineer will help ?

  44. Sir
    I am diploma+graduate holder in eee. I have total colour blind ness with no sight. Am I eligible to join m.navy course? Till date any medicine for colour blindness?
    Sir Please suggest me the way to join m.navy.
    Thanks and reguards sir

  45. Hey Anish,
    I recently got placed in Anglo Eastern, I have to confirm my admission by paying a DD of 50,000. So before doing that I needed to know a few things.
    1) Do I get to sail for certain?
    2) How long do I have to wait after the 8 months training to sail?
    3) Is Anglo Eastern a trustworthy company?

  46. sir
    I am in 12th std I want to ask
    can I do merchant navy from other
    country because I want to settle in
    other country.

  47. sir i m a student …..i have passed my matric examination with A-ONE grade obtaining 874 marks out of 1050 about 83%……now i got 437 marks in 1st year exam pre engineering……SIR I WANT TO JOIN MERCHANT NAVY…..CAN I APPLY FOR THAT AND HOW?

  48. @aneeshassan: The requirement says 60% above in PCM in 10+2. If you full fill this criteria, you are eligible.

  49. Sir,
    Alpha 9 is coming to our college on 20th of August, should I confirm the selection or not? what is the probability that they will place me in good shiping sector.
    Inform me soon please.

  50. sir,i really join merchant navy but some problem in my ear but eyepiece is cleard can i join merchant navy. Also sir tell me trueworthy companies

  51. dear anish
    can i get lesser leave time like 2-3 months in merchant navy
    if i cannot get paid leaves

  52. @aarham:
    It will entirely depend on the contract type that the company is offering. Some reputed shipping companies offer 3 months contract to management level officers only

  53. Sir I am susant singh from gorakhpur . I have std (10 2 ) 50%&58% and I have done gp rating course and I have cleared the medical test . But I have no job . So I have request to you . have you any job for marchant navy . Please inform me at my email id and it is my contact number 9005691152 and 9794448845 ok thanks

  54. hyieeee anish sir,

    sir I want to join in merchant navy,I have got 92% in s.s.c & 76% at diploma in mechanical engineering, can u suggest the colleges who gave 100% placement

    2) can I write IMU

    3) what is the aspects considered while medical check up????

    please reply

  55. I am pursuing BSc(H) IT.this is final semester.I want to go in Merchant Navy Please guide me.

  56. Dear Anish sir ,

    Will I get salary when i am a third officer and am on a vacation…..?????
    how many day we have to remain on the ship……

  57. @Sagar: It depends on the company and contract type. For thisrd officer, the standard contract period is of 6 months.

  58. Sir
    I am going to join a private merchant navy institute in hyderabad but it is not approved by dg and it is approved by cama belize.
    And they are giving me 100% placement initially malaysia.
    And they are taking money after placement.
    So should i join institute.
    I am not eligible to join imu because i did not get 60% in PCM in my 12th exam

  59. No Deepak never do this, only take admission in DG approved college which gives Indian CDC okay. if want to know more then you can contact me. Whatsapp no.:- +919557452627

  60. Sir, I Live in Mumbai..Please Suggest a good institute so that I can apply for Merchant Navy..Please Kindly Reply

  61. Sir, i am final year student of be in electronic and communication branch…what are my options in merchant navy related to my branch? Do i have to take any special course and what will be thw expected fee for it…plz ecplain in detail

  62. hai sir.. this is vamshi perseived b-tech ,specilization electrical . recently i came into contact with SEA RISE MARINE .institute . is it the good one.. they are assuring a100% placement .. for ETO course . they are giving a bond paper .. should i belive that .. please help me ….. anish sir .. as if this is not a good profession then i will plan for a masters in u s … so i would be very thankful if u reply to me.. please show me the way …

  63. sir mere 10 or 12 me 80% h me mergent navy join kerna chata hu plz reply about any best course or judgement

  64. sir, muje Mahar Marine Academy ne exm me select kiya h dack cadet course ke liye..bt sir jin colleges me wo admision dila rhe h unme deck cadet cource 4 mnth ka h bt other colleges me 6 months ka sir inme se shi konsa h..kya muje unke through college me admission le lena chahiye..plz tell me

  65. sir, Rajat Maritime Academy (varanasi) kya yeh dg approved h agr m is academy se gp rating cource kru to kya muje merchant navy me job mil skti h..

  66. Sir I wont to join merchant navy on 10 class basis so what to do after 10 is there any course or directly apply for the job .may I know which poast are avaliable for 10 pass in merchant navy and also the salery pls do reply …

  67. Sir,I have been selected in Anglo eastern maritime academy for pre- sea training as deck cadet for DNS ,do I join

  68. sir,
    I got applied in ‘INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ACADEMY’ in chennai .. n I got d call letter to join 1 yr DNS course, the eligibility creteria for dns course is only got 45% in 10+2 they offered ..
    the college is DG approved I give 100% placement .. so should I join this college or not .. plse informe me .. its 2 urgent .. cz d reporting time in college is this 12 june ..

    plse inform…..

  69. Sir I am very confused at the moment.should I do b.sc in nautical science. Will I get permanent job& sufficient package from ts chankya or it is better to go some private engineering college & do btech in some core subjects. Sir please reply

  70. I am very much interested to join Merchant Navy as Marine Engineer. But my problem is that I am pure vegetarian, Kindly suggest whether I have to join Merchant navy or Not. Is vegetarian food available on ships ?

  71. Dear Sir,

    My Brther In law wants to join Merchant Navy. One of the Company called Alpha 9 came to their college for Campus Interview and he got selected in Online test. Then after comliting his BE in EC he proceed further and just yesterday he got a letter from Alpha 9 that he is selected in one of the company for 4 months of training but they didnt provide company name. I called them for the inquery the are asking for 25000 as a initial mony as a part of total fees of 6 lakhs. What do i have to do? Please provide Information regarding Alpha 9. Do he has to go for further procedure? Please reply back soon.

    Jaydeep Desai

  72. Respected sir;

    I just got admission in International Maritime Academy but I have some queries related to it

    1. Is this college is good in reputation wise?
    2. What about the placements?

    I have scored 93% in class 12 CBSE, so please refer any other good colleges available right now…

    Waiting for positive response

  73. My fiance is working in shipping corporation of India as a navigation officer 3rd. What is his working day and holidays??? Plz tell me. can I also live with him on ship????

  74. Hi sir. 
    I have done my gp rating course from asha international institute of marine training and they will placed me on foreign ship for 3 yrs *( as contract) after 3 yrs I am not paid by company.

    So, I just want to know that what is my future after 3 yrs

  75. Hello sir
    I want join merchent navy as a dek officer. I m passed intermidiat with 79%(pcm). Bsc appering (pcm).but last two years i m suffing with spndrolytosis(spinedislocation )L5S1. Sir can i join merchet navy.please told me that.

  76. respcted sir, i want to join merchant navy. My friend who is already in merchant navy is suggesting me a yak institute at navi mumbai. Is this a right choice? If yes then please give some info about there placement and salery package. If no then please suggest me a institute having good placement and salery package. Thank you.

  77. @ Krishna: You need to check the placement record of YAK as we don’t have it. Salary package does not depend on the college but on the companies which will come for placement and it will differ. Tolani is a good option.
    You can post all your queries in our forums for speedy and multiple replies: https://forums.marineinsight.com

  78. guys from my side i just want to say u awl who is working or who want to join,, the reality is in now a days ,the people who is working in sea is still there in comparison of shore people,,if u r really want to enjoy ur life never ever go to sea ,,,coz wat ever u r listning or watever u r thinking its just opposite when u will join the ship,,guys u can earn much better on land just try ,,,i was a sailor nw i working in punjab national bank ,,i was done 5 ship ,nd the type of ship was bulk ,reffer ,nd tanker ,,,thanks

  79. 1:Is it the deck cadets who get to be the ship captains or is it the marine engineers?
    2:If I directly join Merchant Navy after 12th what position should I opt for and what salary should I expect?

  80. sir i want to know what is the life of merchant navy is it is really hard……& salary is good or not…………..plz tell me

  81. sir i got salected by a maritime academy for deck cadet
    is company will provide me full placement
    as the assured me
    company demanded Rs350000 for training
    company is
    is i trust on it???

  82. Sir I am class11 and want to join merchant navy my family depending on me in future so I am serious about this is it is a right choice or not please say me

  83. sir i gave the entrance exam of merchant navy on the base of 10th class 80% i have appear in the exam and medical fittness..now academy mujse 3 lakh rupay maang rhi h training k liye kya muje training k baad job milegi meri post hai g.p rating sir pls reply. 28 December ko training pe jana h muje pls aap muje btaye ki training k baad job milti hai

  84. Sir, which is the best maritime college to join for DNS , considering so much flooding on deck side.?

  85. Sir i want to known which collage is best and get good placement as a deck officer …………..and what is the salary…………..is it good job

  86. Sir i want ask u about mmti clg mumbai sponsorship for dns course i have selected for dns that clg plz tell me about placement

  87. Sir i have secured 9.4cgpa in class x &currently studying in cls xii.i have additional subject as ED(engineering drawing) in class xii.So does it would have some advantage for me of having this subject in BE marine engineering.I want to do it by MERI KOLKATA.So can you plz tell me about the fee structure for BE MARINE ENGINEERING (on the machinery side)

  88. dear Anish sir
    I want to join merchant navy as deck officer …im alrdy cosult an agent for getting job ….my decision is correct or not

  89. sir , i m the student of mechanical engineering , and i want to join marine after completion of my btech , so tel me what i do for join it ??. I want to earn much money it is very much important for my life my career pls suggest me ..

  90. Dear sir,
    I am BE final year student from CSE branch in Raipur.
    I want join merchant navy after completion of my graduation for deck service.
    1) Is it possible I will get Indian cdc.
    2) How much starting salary they will offer. Is this the usual salary in this field?
    3) How long has to sail in an year?
    4) Is the leave a paid one?
    5) Are the exams are much tough to get pass? Is there any exam to get promotion to a 3rd Engineer?
    6) What would be the salary of a 3rd engineer?
    7)how much i will have to spend for training. And medical.
    8) is it possible if I will get Indian foreign c.D.C. then to change in indian c.D.C.
    9)if I will have to go for DNS for Indian c.D.C. then how much I will have to spend for DNS.
    10) how much I can earn if work for 5 year.
    11) suggest me reputed training center as well as college if need.

    Hope you understand my doubt and solve it as soon as possible.
    Thanks waiting for your precious response.

  91. Dear Vaib,

    Most of these questions has already been answered in our forums. Please check the same -https://forums.marineinsight.com/forum/join-merchant-navy

    You can also post any query for immediate and multiple expert replies.

  92. Sir it is a gaurntee job or no or after training which type of test taken I have got 55% in 12th 68% in10th

  93. Sir it is a gaurntee job or no or after training which type of test taken I have got 55% in 12th 68% in10th

  94. hi sir iam captain sameh alkhammash from Jordan middle east have been at sea since 1980 , ist of all i would like to mention that no any foregoing company like to employ Arab officers or seaman , i tried to apply many times no body interesting why i want an answer , only chance for us arab company wich is not enough for us also they looking for less salaries like my country Jordan is very expensive country for living comparing with other sea fare res , min salries in jordan 1500 usd consider poor man , so for me as master marinres need at least each month to live and survive 4000 usd for normal standard LIVING , SO WE SUFFER ALOT ON FINDING JOBS WITH GOOD SALARY’S .

  95. Sir i want to take admission for GME course. Will it be right to go it through AEMA(anglo eastern maritime acadamy karjat mumbai)?

  96. Sir I have done btech in mechanical engineering. plz tell me about the sponshorship program …and plz reply on my mail if possible..

  97. sir i have done btech in mech. i want to do gme how can l get sponsarship ?is college at noida dg approved.bcoz they are providing me sponsarship.

  98. Sir I am in class 10 I want to join merchant navy I want to take your opinion what will I do or select to join merchant navy
    Thank you

  99. Sir ,
    I completed btech mechanical engineering with 77% average score . How can I get sponcership for study gme course . Wchich one is the best option for me?

  100. smaundra institute of mertime studies is good college u
    I am join there as dns course
    there is good placement record
    how many waiting period for on board

  101. Sir i m studying in 12th class
    I am greatly confused as to choose my career as in merchant navy
    Beyond that which collages would be suitable to join as in merchant navy
    Is imu cet exam is mandatory to join any college or it will help us to get sponsored in any company

  102. Sir , can i kindly get the contact number of some experienced person in the field of meechant navy , so i can get the clear idea of the life inside the it.

  103. sir, I have been selected Riddhi career management in jaipur for merchant navy.Do i join?.Does it providing a good job after finishing the training.please suggest me sir.

  104. @Bikky: Please check DG shipping approval and other accredation for this institute as I have never heard of this.

  105. sir,which institute is appropriate for merchant navy.and providing 100% job.I have no idea about this.my qualification is 10th pass with 82% , also in IA pass with 61% then which college i join for navy.please suggest me sir.

  106. sir, which college is appropriate for navy.I’ve no idea about this field.my qualification is matric pass with 82% , i obtained 80 marks in english.& 96 marks in mathematics.please suggest me sir.

  107. i m a dme, 2yrs pre sea after diploma, now i am sailing with meo class 4 coc, kindly update me, can meo class 4 coc be helpful in getting degree , as lots of people talk regarding it, but i wanted to know is there any procedure available

  108. Sir my name is HAIDAR SHAIKH. I currently pass out BE mechanical engineering from Mumbai university. I want to do GME course ..I m interested in merchant navy..but I got 48 marks in English subject both in 10th and 12th.m i eligible?please is there any way or option to eligible to do GME course..please reply

  109. Hi,
    Anish sir
    Plz tell me about rajat maritime accademy varanasy is how?
    Sir plz plz plz rply me

  110. hello sir , is the great easter marine academy college good for GME course. please give other information of this college

  111. There is surely a bright Career in Merchant Navy ….so i would like to advice all the students who have their interest in marine education to join merchant navy.

  112. Which institution can I pick for doing a GME course ??? Is it the Great Eastern Shipping Company which is the best or any other institutions like International Maritime Academy , HIMT, IMU ???

    Will there be any sponsorship ?? If so how can one get it ???

    I have an aggregate of 97.33% in my 12th PCM, (93% and 89%) in my English for (10th and 12th) resp., and 89.23% in my Mecanical engg. graduation.

    Can you plz suggest me the best Institution for my GME as its my 16 yrs of dream in becoming a Marine Engineer !!!

  113. hi guys ,i am a sea faer my self and feel that this job is best for a guy ,who have a positive attiude and by the way salary depend upon rank and company.The salary package is good than most other jobs by the way there are hurdles and trails in every profession so new Lawguage coomers who want to join as a sailor if you bealive in fallowing up your dreams just dont give up but explore more.

  114. Hello Sir, I want to do BSC NS from Tolani Maritime Institute, pune. Is it a good college for placements?
    And sir one more, suppose if we are placed in a company during placements, so do I have to pay fees for the training (I think it is called Pre-sea training)?

  115. my name is amandeep thakur . i want to ask you something related to after the training of 1 year in any maritime institute.. how could we get specific ship like container, bulk , oil etc …. would you please give me beffitting reply i’m just confused …….

  116. @Manish: I have seen captains >60years. It all depends on your fitness and ability to clear all the medical examinations which will be done before joining a ship

  117. Respected Anish sir,

    First of all I would like to thank you for ur impressive replies to the questions posed.
    I have been gone through the all of ur comments and posts of past 3 years and find them much satisfactory.
    i have completed my graduation in Electrical Engineering and willing to join Merchant Navy.
    So I need clarification on the following queries.

    1> As i am from electrical background is it true that the only marine course valid for me is an ETO course?
    2>How is the career path of an ETO?
    3>Can i become a master / pilot by going through any sort of examinations or my career will end up only as an ETO?
    4>What could be the highest pay scale of an ETO ?
    5>Does ETO is equivalent to Chief Engineer?
    6>The General on board duration contract of an ETO?
    7>Does An ETO is a deck cadet or an engine cadet?
    8>Minimum years of experience required to become a captain?
    9>Do The Great Eastern provides 100% job assurance?
    10>Is it worthful to invest 4.5 lacs for the course of ETO?
    11>Do the companies pay during holidays for pilot or officers?
    12>This one is a bit out of context but too
    which is the best career option aviation or merchant navy?

    Thank You,
    Nehal Ahmed

  118. Hii sir.
    I have only 55%aggregate in pcm. The minimum marks required is 60%.
    I contacted a college & they told me that i can’t join bsc nautical science. But they suggested to join hnd nautical science. What is the scope of hnd in mercgant navy? Can i get placement after completing hnd nautical science.
    Please help

  119. Can i get a job in navy as an officer iam completed plus 2 Science now i dont know what is the next step to join indian navy

  120. Hii sir
    This is Md Wasim. I’m 10th pass can i join deck cadets in marchant navy plz sir reply………..
    Thanku sir

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