Describing Different Parts of SCBA

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, also known as SCBA, is a necessary protective gear that is worn by paramedics, firemen, and people working on ships and oil rigs. As the name goes, the breathing apparatus has all necessary equipments fitted into it that will allow the rescue professionals to carry out their work without any interruption and with utmost safety.
There are two major types of SCBA that are in use today – the Open Circuit SCBA and the Closed Circuit SCBA. The main difference between the two is that the former one is used for rescue operations that tend to be very long. In this type of SCBA, the air is continuously re-processed or recycled so that the wearer of the SCBA gets a continuous supply of air. In the second variety, the oxygen is compressed to fit into air cylinders. These varieties of SCBA are used for shorter rescue operations.

Mentioned below is the detailed list of equipments that are present in SCBA:

Air Cylinders

The first and foremost presence in the air breathing apparatus is that of Air Cylinders. In the open circuit SCBA, the air cylinder is known as the re-breather which recycles the air (as mentioned above). Air cylinders, on the other hand, are filled with oxygen in a compressed form that enables a rescue professional to go into areas that are filled with smoke and fire and free the trapped people successfully. The air cylinders in the breathing apparatus need to be continuously checked after the rescue operation is carried out so that they do not end up to be empty the next time a rescue operation needs to be carried out. There are also extra air cylinders that are provided for the people who have been trapped and rescued.

Protective Hood

The second-most important presence is that of a Protective Hood. Such hoods are designed in a way that they cover all the parts of the face, have an eye-covering (visor) that enables a person to see and also allow the required oxygen to pass continuously. They also have tubes attached to ensure that the air passes continuously.

Portable Transporting Bag

The Portable Transporting Bag is also an important equipment of the breathing apparatus. It can be filled with air cylinders, hoods and any other protective equipment that would be necessary for the rescue operations. The bag is made up of a material that would be resistant to damage-causing factors and thus can be effectively used in any sort of emergency situation.

Portable Hauling Bag

The final breathing apparatus equipment is the Portable Hauling Bag. The main difference between this type of carrying bag and the one mentioned previously is that in this bag, an extra weight of the necessary items can be carried. It is used for the purpose of getting the SCBA equipment from the headquarters of the rescue professionals to the place where the incident has actually occurred. It is in only in the accident site that the equipments are transferred from this bigger bag to the Portable Transporting Bag.

A breathing apparatus has changed the entire rescue operation process, making it simpler and safer. More and more lives can be saved because of the portability factor of SCBA. It therefore becomes important and relevant to acknowledge and appreciate the worth of the SCBA in today’s times.

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