Team Meeting Techniques On board ship

The amendment of rules and regulations in the shipping industry to cope up with the environmental issue and modern techniques has increased the expectation from the seafarer in terms of knowledge of the same. The safety concern of the authorities also ads on to the training of seafarers. Hence they are not only trained off duty, but regular updates and trainings are given while they are onboard ship.

A team meeting is the best way to update and train the ship staff with new information. Management level officers are responsible to conduct regular team and safety meetings onboard ship.

Even the trainer’s needs training to deliver the best to the ship staff. It is important for the officers to understand the vital aspects of the meeting techniques held onboard ship. Some of the important points are:

  • Time is an important factor as ship’s job is divided in to a time slots of 24 hour. Meeting to be carried out at the best suited time for all the seafarer, say in the evening after supper.
  • The agenda of the meeting to be understood before conducting it.
  • Group size to be considered so that each and every person involved in the meeting must understand the importance of it.
  • Duration of the meeting should not be too short or too long. If the meeting is stretched too long, it will break the concentration of the staff.
  • Better to cover one topic in one meeting.
  • Meetings to be interactive and all the disagreements to be welcomed and to be dealt successfully.
  • Always motivate when interacting with a person and call every one by name.
  • Appreciate the work of the ship staff and if any point is raised in the meeting.
  • Safety points to be discussed even if it’s not a safety meeting.
  • New amendments and circulars to be discussed and their importance to be explained.
  • Ask ship staff about their own experience over the topic.
  • Conclusion to be made at the end of the meeting.

Like in any other field, ships also need team meeting to motivate the crew and to discuss problems and find solutions.

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