Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is a technology that is being used far and wide in the oceanic field. As the name suggests, an autonomous underwater vehicle is a marine technology that does not need any physical governance by any person while it is being put in the water.

An autonomous underwater vehicle is a small part in a very large chain of what is known as remote-controlled vehicles or Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs). The best advantage of having such a marine technology is that they can be used in a variety of areas ranging from commercial to military and intelligence purposes.

AUVs were created in the year 1957 and from that point on they have been a marine technology to watch out for. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) further developed the AUV technology in the year 1970 after which the standard of an autonomous underwater vehicle was raised to an altogether new level.

The AUVs that are used in today’s times are many and vary in their construction build-ups. They range from being small to extremely large ones. But all these AUVs are extremely well when it comes to the duty that they are created to fulfil.

They are used in a multitude of operations like:

  • For Commercial Purposes: Where oil drilling and subsea drilling companies use the assistance of AUVs for the purpose of checking the appropriate oceanic area to suit their business necessity.
  • For Military Purposes: Where AUVs are used as a marine technology to find out whether there are any booby-traps set in the ocean bed or floor. When it comes to military usage, an AUV is the best scouting technology that can be used for underwater purposes.

  • For Research and Exploring Purposes: When it comes to using autonomous underwater vehicles for the purpose of research, it means research of the oceanic or sea floor for any loss to the underwater ecosystem. Additionally, AUVs can also be used to track reefs and other life-forms that exist underwater.

  • For Extra-Curricular Interests: In this context, it has to be noted that an AUV is easy to build if the right scientific and engineering equipments are used. And if an indigenous AUV is built by any person who is enthusiastic, then it could lead to the person being famous, even at a very small level.

An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, as mentioned above, comes in various sizes and it is these sizes that determine the actual depth to which these vehicles be deployed. This factor therefore makes it very important when the prospective usage of this marine technology is considered.

An AUV uses a computer system that can be manned from a ship or a naval vessel from which it is being launched or deployed into the water. Also enabled are equipments like compasses, sonars and thermal resistors. It has to be noted that the AUV as a marine technology operates on the basis of something known as the Underwater Acoustic Positioning System which uses the aid of the GPS fitted in the ship or the naval vessel to propel it further in the water. With so many technological aids to help the marine technology of an AUV, it can be proved without any doubt that an AUV is a very successful apparatus when it comes to underwater recon and scouting.

When it comes to the aspect of power supply in an AUV, the problem is also solved with the use of batteries. There is also an advanced battery management system that allows an AUV to spend more time underwater than looking for repeated recharging of the battery system. AUVs are also fitted with ultra-capacitors so as to bring out a completely new up-gradation of the power system.

In today’s time there are a variety of vehicles like SUVs and ATVs that are used for various purposes. But amongst all these vehicles, there is no other like an AUV because of the facilities it provides. An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is a very important development that has taken place in contemporary times and therefore it deserves appropriate appreciation and recognition.




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