10 Resources For Seafarers To Know Everything About The Deadly Ebola Virus Disease


Ship’s crew visiting ports in countries affected by Ebola Virus must be aware of all the risks related to the fatal disease. Checkout ten important resources that seafarers must go through to increase their knowledge on the possible risks from EVD.

Can Coriolis Flow Meters Reduce Bunker Quantity Disputes On Ships?

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There are lot of discussions going on for adopting Coriolis flow meters in the bunkering industry to improve upon existing measurement technologies and to prevent fuel-pilferage. Can mass flow metering system prevent fuel-pilferage?

10 Points to Consider While Operating Machinery From Remote System On Ships

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Even with the highest standards of automation provided on ships, seafarers must follow few checks while operating machinery systems from remote position. Learn about ten important points to consider while handling machinery remotely.

7 Dangerous Diseases/Disorders Seafarers Should Be Aware Of

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Seafarers have to face several dangerous diseases, disorders and injuries while working on board ships. Learn about seven of the most dangerous diseases/disorders seafarers must be aware of.

10 Points To Consider When Preparing For Safety Equipment Survey On Ships

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The time before the ship safety equipment survey is a hectic one for the crew as several important equipment and systems are required to be checked, overhauled and renewed. Learn about ten important points which ship’s crew must not miss when preparing for safety equipment survey.

New FREE eBook: A Pocket Guide To Safe Confined Space Entry On Ships


The new FREE guide on safe working procedures in enclosed spaces provides information on practical safety procedures and risk assessments that needs to be taken before making entry into confined spaces on ships.

Seafarer Fatigue: The Importance Of Good Night Sleep

Psychological Impact on Seafarers

Proper rest and sleep, however, are not merely matters of personal comfort; they are vital to physical and mental well-being of seafarer. Furthermore, those without proper sleep are likely to make more mistakes and suffer from more accidents.

Hazards of Working in Extreme Heat on Ships

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Heat sickness can frequently occur onboard ships due to the extreme temperature and high humidity conditions in which seafarers often work. Learn about the hazards of working in extreme heat.

7 Most Common Types of Accidents On Ship’s Deck


A variety of accidents take place on a ship’s deck while working. Officers and crew members must be aware of all such accidents which can lead to serious consequences. Learn about seven common types of accidents that occur on ship’s deck.

11 Important Points To Consider While Cleaning Tanks On Ships

Ballast Tank

Cleaning tanks is a common procedure performed on board ships. Considering the hazards associated with the process, crew members must consider these important points while carrying out tank cleaning.

20 Practical Tips for Safe Gas Welding and Cutting Operations On Ships


Many accidents have resulted in loss of life following fires and explosions on ships, especially while carrying out operations involving gas welding and cutting. Learn twenty practical tips to avoid such accidents.