Why Fake Job Agents and Scams Thrive in the Maritime Industry?


Fake job agents and scams have become an integral part of the maritime industry today. How do these people dupe seafarers and why do they still continue to thrive? Find out inside the article.

How to Become A SIRE Vetting Inspector?

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SIRE Vetting Inspector carries out inspections of ships under the Ship Inspection Report Program, which was introduced by the OCIMF ( Oil Companies International Marine Forum) in 1993 as a safety initiative to address concerns about sub-standard shipping. Find out about guidelines on how to become a SIRE Vetting Inspector.

How to Quit Sea Life and Settle Ashore?

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Leaving a rewarding sea life and a promising career to settle ashore is not an easy task for seafarers who wants to do so. It’s a tough decision and there are several challenges to be faced. Find out about the common queries which seafarers have while quitting the sea and how they can deal with them.

How To Know If A Shipping Company Is Worth Working For?


As the shipping industry passes through one of the roughest financial times, several dubious shipping companies which are taking undue advantage of the seafarers. Learn inside to find out different ways to ensure that you are working for the right shipping company.

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