How To Know If A Shipping Company Is Worth Working For?


As the shipping industry passes through one of the roughest financial times, several dubious shipping companies which are taking undue advantage of the seafarers. Learn inside to find out different ways to ensure that you are working for the right shipping company.

2 New FREE Guides – Marine Engineer’s Handbook & Deck Officer’s Handbook

marine engineering guide

Marine Insight’s FREE Guides – Marine Engineer’s Handbook and Deck Officer Handbook offers valuable information for both aspiring and sea going maritime professionals wanting a successful career at sea. Both these guides are FREE for Instant Download.

21 Websites to Find Maritime Jobs Online – Part 2

maritime jobs

With several maritime jobs websites online, it is difficult to keep a track of every single one for the latest job offers. Here are some more of the top most job websites which features opportunities from the offshore and maritime industry.

A List of Important Documents for Deck Cadets


After graduation, deck cadets have to go through a lot of documentation work to make themselves eligible for working at seas. Find out the list of documents and other essential requirements that are necessary to apply for various seagoing certificates.

A Guide to Merchant Navy Ranks


Merchant navy professionals working on ships are categorized into different departments and assigned with specific duties to ensure smooth functioning of ships. Find out the complete merchant marine ranking system on ships.