Watch: US Navy Announces Plan To Dismantle Former Enterprise Aircraft Carrier After More Than 50 Years Of Service

Years after it had been decommissioned, the U.S. Navy has declared the ultimate fate of the world’s first-ever nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

USS Enterprise (CVN-65), formerly CVA(N)-65 is going to be dismantled and then, disposed of with commercial industry at one of three likely locations: Newport News in Virginia; Brownsville in Texas; or Mobile in Alabama.

The Navy mentioned that the commercial firms would be responsible for dismantling the vessel’s defueled reactor plants and for disposing of the components of the reactor plant via several hundred shipments to the authorized waste disposal sites.

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This plan was one of three the Navy considered and is called “Alternative 3”. The other two alternatives would have ideally sent the Enterprise to get dismantled at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard based in Washington’s Bremerton.

The decision will also allow the Navy to lower the Navy inactive vessel inventory, eliminate the costs that are associated with maintaining the vessel in a safe stowage state, and dispose of legacy hazardous and radiological wastes in an environmentally responsible way while meeting the operational requirements of the Navy, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance

Facility mentioned in a press release.

Affectionately referred to as the “Big E,” the former Enterprise got retired in 2012 after over 50 years of continuous service. Besides being the Navy’s first-ever nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, it played a key role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and also in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It was decommissioned back in 2017 and it presently sits at a pier at the Newport News Shipbuilding.

CVN 65 is the eighth vessel to have the name Enterprise. Its name will live on in a next-gen Gerald R. Ford-class carrier under construction at the moment, also at the Newport News Shipbuilding.

References: lagniappemobile, 13newsnow

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  1. The Navy should be ashamed ! The Big E should not be unceremoniously dismantled, just as the WWII Enterprise should not have been. The Mo has been honored for her service. The Enterprise deserves no less.

  2. This is Sad so Millions of Dollars to strip down The USS Enterprise. Is this the Latest government waste of Money. Millions in Steel could be used to repurpose yet It seems completely assinine to dismantle such a Heroic Ship. What happened to making Museums of The Shops that Saved America during WW1 And WWll saving US from Communism and dictatorship.
    Veterans My Father was 1 RIP . (Take the nuclear ☢️ out then ) grant The ability to Let Patriots see how our Fathers lived together on an Aircraft Carrier. Our own Family My Father and inlaws Father were enlisted Sailors My Hubby went in in 1987 served until WJC was shutting down bases and putting women on ships . HRC made sure sexual harassment could be accused and punished without having to prove any of it. Morale went down during that awful Presidency. But My Eldest Served ,My Youngest in Now the only Reason why my Middle son is not in. He dislocated his shoulder twice being very honest . They told him he couldn’t go in because of that injury. My point is Patriotism came from their Dad in the USN and the seeing the amphibious vessels after their Dad got out of the USN after almost 12 years. It is exciting to talk about the past sailors lives on board ships.
    We have Pearl Harbor Newport News VA has built so many ships . It’s too bad all that is going to a scrap heap.
    Just because a ship is decommissioned doesn’t mean it should be torn apart.
    Did anyone give notice of intent to destroy Our National Heritage. .? This Navy Veteran Granddaughter Daughter Wife Mom Great granddaughter going all the way back to first Navy . Veteran’s family Members : Appreciate the Hard sacrifices Every old Navy Ship 🚢⚓ Sailors did for someone who loved Making US Naval ships ready to protect America at the loss of Families and future generations. . The Callous Ways The Powers that be just hey another way to destroy Legacy . Instead of Preserving The Naval History of A Grateful Nation.
    Deconstructed US Aircraft Carrier is a Huge Blight on American History.

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