Watch: Storm Wave Smashes Glass To Enter Hamburg Ferry

It was a terrifying moment when a freakish wave caused by Storm Dudley smashed through a ferry window, sending guests onboard fleeing for safety. We bring to you harrowing footage caught on the ferry in Hamburg. It shows passengers being around gigantic ocean swirls. Storm Dudley has also caused extensive damage to the country.

The massive wave suddenly smashed through the boat’s front windows, demolishing a passenger and flooding the cabin. Three passengers on the vessel ‘Tollerort’ were injured, per local broadcaster NDR, which said those on board were able to leave the ferry before receiving medical attention. Despite this, the police had informed that one 32-year-old suffered some cuts, while two others were little injured.

It comes as Storm Ylenia had engulfed most of northern Germany with winds hitting 94 mph, per DW news. The wave was so strong that anyone could hear the window break in its G-force.

passengers sitting patiently in the ferry
Moments before the wave hits | Image Credits: YouTube

There was another video that showed a kind of rescue vessel fighting against mega force winds. As the water surged through the interior, guests onboard began screaming and scurrying to collect their belongings, rushing toward the end of the ferry.

Per the managing director of HADAG, Tobias Haack, investigations are in progress as to how the safety glass could give its way to the water.

The storm has resulted in extensive damage. It has led to road closures across Hamburg, canceled Lufthansa flights, affected schedules of public transport, and flooded local markets with the city’s fire brigade recording nearly 800 operations. The Eble River that flows through Hamburg also rose 2 meters higher.

Wave floods the passenger area
Wave gushes through the window glass | Image Credits: YouTube

While Ylenia is likely to blow over soon, NDR further reports that another storm named Zeynep is fast approaching. The storm has left cars and homes wrecked with its 100 mph gales. Brits woke up to post-storm debris in their gardens.

The region is likely to expect hurricane gusts of extreme, unforeseen strength to the North Sea coast. Experts warn that the danger could be massive.


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