Watch: Saudi Arabia’s Turtle-shaped ‘Floating City’ Is Set To Be The World’s Largest Boat

Designed in the shape of a turtle, a terayatch is all prepared to become the world’s largest floating structure.

Lazzarini, the terayatch designer, and Pangeos estimated the cost of building it to be approximately $8 billion (about ₹65,000 crores). The gigantic boat is named after Pangea, a supercontinent that is said to have existed about 200 million to 335 million years ago.

The makers are planning to build it like a “floating city”, mentioned CNN. It’s set to measure 1,800 feet in length and 2,000 feet in width. The huge boat is capable of accommodating about 60,000 people at once.

Video Credits: SWNS / YouTube

Of course, to build such a vast structure, the designers would also require a special place.

The designers proposed Saudi Arabia as the construction location. It will require nearly one square kilometre of the sea to be dug out and a circular dam to be built before the building starts.

The makers of the terawatt have selected space based at King Abdullah Port as the most suitable location. You can look at the video posted by Lazzarini on YouTube. It shows what this terayacht will look like.

Social media users reportedly took to the channel’s comment section and expressed curiosity regarding the terayatch. Many of them wondered how it would handle the waves. It appeared to be an interesting design for the users. A user mentioned that it would be interesting to see how the vessel operates in a strong sea storm, even as it’ll not have the speed to run away from it.

One other user mentioned that it was a doable concept and not much forward-facing resistance if the structure of the light material could be made to float on the multihulls parallel to one other and cut through the navigation direction.

The term “terayacht” is used to refer to vessels that are bigger than mega, super, and Giga yachts. It may not sound like an accurate word, but the term exists. And the terayacht is also going to double up as a floating city.

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