Watch: Panama-Flagged Tanker Catches Fire Near Iranian Coast

Panama Flagged Tanker, named White Pearl caught fire close to Assaluyeh on the Gulf coast of Iran, per the state media reports which mentioned that all the crew members are safe.

“Twenty-two of the ship’s crew have been rescued by Iranian rescue teams after the ship’s captain requested assistance from the port authorities,” said a local ports official.

The official also mentioned that the tanker was loaded with 40,000 tonnes of LPG and suffered from an issue in the engine room due to the fire.

Vessel Registry of Panama, which happens to be the largest in the world has disallowed 136 vessels in the last 4 years from sailing under its flag, and all these ships are connected to Iran’s State Oil Company, per the nation’s maritime authority.

References: Reuters, Middle East Monitor, USNews

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