Watch: Oil Leak Detected From Foreign Ship Hit By Russian Missile In Ukraine

Crew members of the foreign vessel, impaired in Russia’s latest shelling of the Kherson Port, have reportedly localized an oil leakage into the Dnieper.

The relevant statement had been made on Telegram by Kherson Regional Military Administration, Ukrinform correspondent reports.

The report also mentions that the troops of Russia have launched an attack on the Kherson Port. Two vessels that foreign firms own were impaired by enemy shelling. Oil products reportedly leaked into the Dnieper. 

Oil Leak From Missile Hit Ship
Source: 🇺🇦Херcонська ОДА (ОВА)/ Telegram

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Now, the vessel crew members have managed to localize the leak.

Per Kherson Regional Military Administration, the Russian projectile had badly pierced the hull as well as the fuel storage area in one of the vessels.

On 24 January, Russian invaders reportedly started a fire on Kherson Port. Consequently, Turkey’s Tuzla and one more unnamed bulk carrier were impaired.

References: Ukrinform, Menafn

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