Watch: MSC Increasingly Introduces Smart Container Solutions Using IoT

MSC is increasingly introducing smart container solutions for customers at many locations around the world, using IoT solutions developed by its partner TRAXENS.

In this interview at the last JOC Container Trade Europe Conference held in Hamburg, Maurizio Aponte, Executive Director of Europe at MSC, discusses the importance of enhancing supply chain management for shippers through unprecedented visibility of dry cargo flow from door-to-door, adding efficiency, safety and predictability.

“MSC will become more than a transport company by sharing consistent and integrated data from smart containers. […] There is a big demand from all our clients, and I believe also other competitors’ clients, to have more visibility in their supply chain – what is actually happening with these containers, where are they, where are they going to be tomorrow,” Maurizio Aponte says. “I think if visibility is being provided and it’s efficient and it’s accurate, any supply chain manager will tell you that their number one in value is to reduce inventory costs in their supply chain.”


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