Watch: Maiden Voyage Of The World’s Largest Floating Structure

After 14 months of construction, the Shell Prelude FLNG project continues to create history.

Measuring nearly half a kilometre in length and weighing over 200,000 tonnes, the facility’s enormous hull is ready to take to the water for the first time.

Some important figures of Shell Prelude:

  • 1600 feet long with a displacement of 600,000 tons
  • Once operational, it will produce at least 5.3 million tonnes per annum of liquid
  • It is 488 meter long and 74 meter wide
  • It is the largest floating offshore facility in the world
  • Can withstand the most powerful cyclones
  • Avoids the need for shoreline pipe crossings, dredging and jetty works

Shell's FLNG

Watch the video of the launch the largest hull ever sent to sea.

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