Watch: Ferry Crashes Into Pier, Knocks Down Landing Bridge And Another Ferry In Indonesia

Inter-Island Ferry Mutiara Pertiwi 1 lost control while heading to the Bastion Ferry Terminal on Ternate Island, Northern Indonesia, on the Sea of Molucca. 

Video Credits: Pos Belitung / YouTube

A video of the incident is doing rounds on social media. The ferry can be seen crashing into the dock, hitting the landing platform and making contact with another ferry before it comes to a halt.

Per reports of the media, the vessel was empty and was headed to dock at Pier 2. Fortunately, no injuries were reported; however, one ferry dock was severely damaged and closed temporarily. 

Port officials have ordered City Line Ferry to suspend their operations, and an investigation is ongoing. 

The 1500 gross tonnes ferry is 221 feet long and operates between Bastion and nearby Tidore island. 

Video Credits: METRO TV / YouTube

Per eyewitnesses, at 1545 local time, the vessel looked as if it were off course and did not slow down while heading to the pier. It knocked down the landing bridge of Pier 1, which soon fell into the water. The concrete broke, and the dolphin on the pier was also damaged. The ferry continued before hitting a second ferry and then stopped. 

According to the authorities, Pier 1 is closed for repairs, and 13 ferries operate from this port. They added that a team would interview the captain and passengers at the port as the weather did not seem to be the reason for the incident.


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