Watch: Asia’s First Cylindrical FPSO Vessel Completes Hull Construction

China National Offshore Oil Corporation announced the completion of the hull structure of an FPSO vessel independently designed and built by China. This development marks a breakthrough in the nation’s progress and manufacturing capability for ultra-large offshore oil and gas equipment.

Haiyang Shiyou is Asia’s first cylindrical FPSO which has all functions of crude oil production, storage and transmission. The 90 m diameter vessel has a main deck area equal to the size of 13 basketball courts and a maximum storage capacity of 60,000 tonnes of oil, allowing continuous operation at sea for 15 years without coming to the dock.

Video Credits: CGTN / YouTube

Nie Jiaqiang, construction manager of the vessel, told China Media Group that this FPSO vessel has a unique design than a traditional ship. He spoke about its new cylindrical structure design that cuts down on the consumption of steel but is durable, strong and can easily stand bad sea conditions.

During construction, the project team used 3D simulation, which allowed for the successful closure of hull parts at one go with a dimensional tolerance of less than 6 mm, reaching an international advanced level, per Shu Wei, head of project general contracting.

The vessel will soon enter the stage of final assembly and integration. It will probably be commissioned in Pearl River Mouth Basin in South China’s Guangdong Province after it is delivered in 2024.

References: CGTN, tellerreport

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