Video: Tanker Catches Fire In Shipyard In Indonesia, Several Missing

A 21-year-old Aframax tanker, Jag Leela, caught severe fire in an Indonesian ship repair yard.

According to reports, several explosions occurred on the ship followed by a massive fire with black smoke.

The tanker was undergoing repairs at Waruna Shipyard in Belawan, Medan.


Several workers were injured from burns and have been hospitalized. Some are reportedly still missing, trapped inside the ship which is under repair.

Local reports confirmed that the fire occurred in MT. JAG Leela ship while undergoing maintenance at the shipyard owned by PT Waruna Nusa Sentana Belawan Shipyard, Medan, which is located approximately 1-2 kilometres from the Belawan Class 1 Navigation District Office.

At least six fire engines and three tugboats with water cannons were deployed to put out the fire.

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