Video: Using 3D Printing To Make Spare Parts On Maersk Tankers

In one of our previous articles – 7 Technologies that can change the future of shipbuilding, we talked about the promising technology of 3-D Printing. To but it in brief – The 3D printing technology makes it possible to construct real objects from virtual 3-D objects. This process is carried out by cutting virtual object in 2-D slices and printing the real one slice by slice. There have been several 3-D printing processes invented till date but very few are commercially affordable and sustainable. 

Now Maersk is playing with the idea of using 3D printing technology on ships. 3D printing could be set to revolutionize the supply chain in Maersk Tankers. The idea is to install a 3D printer on a tanker vessel to allow the crew to ‘print off’ spare parts they need.

Watch the video to know more about the amazing idea.

Reference: Maersk

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