Video: Fire Erupted On Chemical Tanker In The Yellow Sea Off Korea

A fire started on a 2999-ton chemical tanker Falcon Chemist at 11:40 pm on 19th August in the Yellow Sea, approximately 43 nautical miles west of Gunsan, Korea.

Video Credits: YonhapnewsTV

After being informed, the Korean Coast Guard sent a patrol ship to safely evacuate the chemical tanker’s 16-member crew, including the Korean captain and crew hailing from Myanmar.

Per reports, the fire erupted in the engine room, which was extinguished by 1315 local time on 20th August after the firefighting system was activated. It also helped in preventing the fire from spreading further on the vessel.

Luckily, no flames were visible from outside, and there were no chemicals onboard the tanker at the time of the accident, or else it could be too dangerous.

At the time of the accident, the Coast Guard said that “First, we will cut off the oxygen supply and then approach the inside as soon as the hull temperature drops to check the cause of the fire.”

The fire has died down, and the disabled tanker will be towed to Yeosu.

References: newssbs, crewclub

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