Raw Video: Massive Fire On a Pleasure Yacht

A 112-foot yacht caught fire in the Chula Vista Marina, sending intense flames and thick smoke into the air.

The fire was reported before 9:20 a.m. at Marine Group Boat Works, a shipyard in the 900 block of G Street where large yachts are built and repaired. The blaze broke out on the Polar Bear, a pleasure yacht that had been at the shipyard undergoing repairs for several weeks. Heavy plumes of black smoke could be seen across the South Bay.

yacht ablaze

About 100 workers on site at the time were evacuated.

Workers told 10News it may have been a welding accident, but that was not confirmed.

One worker was treated for smoke inhalation.

Due to the intensity of the flames, which began on a lower deck of the private vessel, crews had to fight them from shore, spraying retardant foam and water from ladder hoses. The fire did not spread to any other boats or structures.

The exact cause of the fire and a financial estimate of the damage are under investigation.

Source: 10News

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