Watch: Last Hijack – Interactive Film Exploring Hijacking Of A Ship In Somalia

Uncover the complex realities behind piracy in Somalia though the eyes of a pirate and a captain, an advocate and a journalist, a parent and a wife. Combining live-action and animation, the interactive experience gives the user the opportunity to navigate the real stories of these people, building to the hijack itself and the resulting aftermath. The interactive experience is the counterpart to Last Hijack, a feature length film combining animation with documentary storytelling.

Directors Femke Wolting and Tommy Pallotta take us through the main features of Last Hijack Interactive – an award-winning online transmedia experience that explores the hijacking of a ship in Somalia.


Written & directed by: Tommy Pallotta / Femke Wolting, Interactive director: Mirka Duijn, Produced by: Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting, Co-producers: Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul, Line Producer: Nicolette Nol, Interactive developer: Gijs Kattenberg, Interface Design: Christiaan de Rooij, Illustrations & Design: Gustavo Garcia, Aaron Sacco, Editor: Jasper Verhorevoort, Edgar Burcksen, DOP: Ahmed Arsi, Animations: Dustin Kershaw, Christiaan de Rooij, Data visualisations: Systemantics.

Last Hijack Interactive is a Submarine Channel production in co-production with Razor Film, ZDF and IKON and was made with financial support from Creative Industries Fund NL, The City of Amsterdam, The Dutch Cultural Media Fund and The Netherlands Film Fund.

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