China’s First Large Domestic Cruise Ship Prepares For Its Inaugural Trip

The Adora Magic City, China’s first large domestic cruise ship, is ready for its inaugural trip on Sunday. On November 4, after being named and delivered in Shanghai, the ship—which took Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. eight years to research and almost five years to build—was formally turned over to the operator.

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After delivery, the time-consuming task of installing and confirming items like medical equipment, artwork, and hotel amenities started. The ship needed to be equipped with over three million items, and 1,292 crew members worldwide were getting ready for work.

Zhou Qi, the chief builder of sizeable cruise ships at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, highlighted the smooth completion of tasks from construction to the whole operation.

The ship was put into service by Adora Cruises, a joint deal between Carnival Corp and China State Shipbuilding Corp.

It is expected to make its inaugural voyage operation on January 1, 2024, out of Shanghai’s Wusongkou Port. At 323.6 meters long and 135,500 tons in weight, the ship can accommodate 5,246 guests in 2,125 rooms and 22 distinct dining areas and bars.

Adora Cruises’ director of business development, Guo Jia, presented plans for international cruise routes that will leave Shanghai and travel to well-known Northeast Asian locations. The company intends to expand these routes eventually.

A significant milestone has been reached with the completion of Adora Magic City, which has filled the gap left by large domestic cruise lines and made China the fifth nation, after France, Germany, Italy, and Finland, capable of developing large cruise ships.

Reference: Global Times

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