What is Crane Vessel?

As the name suggests, a crane ship is that kind of  sea going vessel which has a crane attached to it. A crane vessel is of great significance when it comes to the aspect of constructing structures in the high seas. It is only because of such vessels that many important constructions are carried out in trickier parts of the seas and oceans.

The role and scope of a crane ship is similar to the cranes that are used in day-to-day construction and hauling business activities. The only difference is the fact that the former variation of crane is used in the seas whilst the latter on firm ground.

Crane Vessel

The designing of the crane vessel has changed in the 800-hundred years of its origin. The first crane ship was created in the 14th century and since then the technology has helped generations and generations of people. In today’s times, along with the basic ship that carries a single crane attached to it, there are also concepts like ‘semi-submersible vessels’ and the ‘sheerlegs.’

All such crane vessels are capable of lifting heavy tonnage, but different varieties offer different features and USP to their clients. The main difference can be elaborated as follows:

  • Common Crane Vessels: These types of naval cranes are more commonly known around. They were the ones that were first introduced in the 14th century, as mentioned above. These cranes can be used to haul and lift around 2,500 tons. Additionally, another major feature is that it is movable, which means, the crane can be moved to the place where the item to be lifted is located, thus offering lots of flexibility.
  • Semi-Submersible: These types of cranes offer a lot of stability to the equipment that is being carried. As the name goes, semi-submersible cranes submerge partially into the water to give the weight placed on top of them the balance required. This balance provided ensures that the item carried does not topple into the water and thereby cause serious problems not just to the business concerned but also to the marine ecosystem. The weight carrying capacity of such semi-submersible cranes varies from one naval vessel to another. However, the heaviest limit that such semi-submersibles can carry extends to around 14,000 tonnes.
  • Sheerlegs: These types of cranes are immovable. In other words, the weight that has to be loaded on them has to be brought to them so that they can be hauled. The weight carrying capacity of such cranes varies from around 50 tonnes to around 4000 tonnes.

A crane vessel has enabled to solve the trickiest aspect of construction. Crossing the ocean and helping widespread places to come even closer has become so much easier. Also, in today’s times, with the help of a crane ship important oil rigs are constructed so as to enable the world to get precious oil from oceanic sources.

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