Q-Max Ships: The Largest LNG Ships in the World

The largest LNG carriers of the world – the Q-Max vessels belong to the Qatari oil shipping cumulate, Qatar Gas. The Q-Max ships are so named to reflect their native country of operation and the maximum vessel length which can easily be accommodated into the Qatari harbour and port facilities.

Classified as membrane type liquefied natural gas carrier ships, these largest LNG ships bear a unique constructional hallmark in that, they are constructed with metallic layer that acts as a contracting medium between the cargos loaded and the interior vessel insulators.

Biggest LNG Ship Features:

  • The Q-Max ships are unlike no other LNG carrier vessels built as they provide cargo carrying capacitance of almost a million cubic feet of LNG
  • First commissioned in the year 2005, the first of the biggest LNG ship was put into operation in the year 2008.
  • In the four years since, these LNG carrier vessels have changed the face of LNG cargo carrying vessels and their operational viability.
Q-Max Ship
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  • Alongside excellent operational servicing, these vessels are also known for their excellent constructional features. Specifically pertaining to the usage of silicon to ensure the protection and safety of the marine ecology.
  • State of the art manoeuvring and fuelling systems to allow for speedier voyaging alongside offering maximum maritime ecosystem conservational returns. Statistically, in terms of speed, the equipped dual diesel engines enable vessel functioning at maximum speeds of about 19 knots, whilst reducing noxious emissions by 70%.
  • Q-Max vessels measure around 345 metres lengthwise with a breadth of 55 metres and a draft of about 12 metres.

The construction of the largest LNG ships was mainly concentrated between three South Korean shipbuilding conglomerates of Daewoo, Samsung and Hyundai. Between these three cumulates, the Q-Max ships have almost attained a legendary par status in the marine of LNG shipping.

The Qatar Gas conglomerate, along with these LNG carriers, also bears credit for the development and engaging of the Q-Flex LNG carriers. The Q-Flex vessels are named to reflect a flexible methodology of LNG shipping operations carried out by the middle-eastern empire. With slightly smaller cargo lading capacitances, the Q-Flex vessels bear the same singular structural hallmark of the Qatari Gas Empire.

The Q-Max and the Q-Flex vessels are extensively used in operations in European, American and several other Asian ports. Through these vessels, not only has there been a furtherance of attraction towards such membrane type LNG carrier ships, but there has also been a tremendous amount of positive onus on the shipping company coming with such a unique constructional marvel.

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