MV Faust Ro-Ro Ship – One of the Biggest Car Carrier Ships

Owned and operated by Wilhelmsen Logistics, the carrier ship, MV Faust is known to be one of the biggest car carrier ships across the whole international marine domain. The Ro Ro carrier has inspired awe and absolute appreciation across for its effective combination of effectual engineering systems while providing optimum utility to its servicing sector.

In operation since the past five years, the vehicle is registered under the Swedish port of registration and was built in South Korea by the well-renowned shipbuilding company Daewoo.

Although the vessel is categorised as a Roll-on/Roll-off vessel (Ro Ro), its immensely huge proportions make the carrier ship completely dissimilar to its other existing maritime peers.

MV Faust Ro-Ro Ship
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Technical Specifications: Faust Car Carrier

  • MV Faust Car Carrier measures almost 228 metres lengthwise with a width of about 33 metres
  • The GRT of the vessel is over 71,000 tonnes with a DWT of over 30,000 tonnes
  • The carrier ship has a draught of almost 12 metres and offers speed touching up to 21 knots
  • The Faust car carrier has a deck space spanning to almost 70,000 square metres
  • A totality of about 8,000 cars or an assorted combination of cars, Lorries and motor coaches can be effectively transported by the vehicle
  • The Ro Ro inclines to assist the easy loading and unloading of the vehicular cargo are located near the tail-end of the vessel and towards the right-hand side(starboard) of the vessel

 MV Faust Car Carrier: Features and Characteristics

MV Faust Car Carrier has been built with full and thorough compliance of the necessary maritime laws set up by the various maritime bodies. Although, the vehicle provides faster speed and greater efficiency, the constructional aspect of the vessel doesn’t compromise on necessary maritime environmental protection aspects like handling of the ballast water and the water accumulated in the bilges.

Similarly, the motors and engines employed are highly ecologically safe with optimum reduction in the emission of various noxious gases. For its primary consideration provided to ecological safety, one of the most reputed maritime governing authorities, Lloyd’s Register, has awarded the Ro Ro carrier with the ‘Green Passport’ classification.

One of the biggest car carrier ships, MV Faust is truly a vessel to admire at. Its developers have successfully taken an already highly viable concept and transformed its functionality to utterly newer levels. The success of MV Faust car carrier can be taken to be as an optimistic predecessor to other such ecologically viable and functionally efficient Ro Ro ships.

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