Video: Cargo Ship ‘Vera SU’ Ran Aground; No Form Of Pollution Observed Yet

Water seeped into Vera SU that was stranded near Yailata, Bulgaria. This became evident during a briefing on Saturday by the Ministers of Transport and Ecology Asen Lichev and Hristo Alexiev.

The vessel, which has been stranded near Yaylata, a protected area, for nearly two weeks, has shifted. It has now approached the shore. The Minister of Transport announced that the ship is sinking. According to Alexiev, in the context of the situation, the preservation of human lives must always be a priority.

The ship’s crew has not agreed to the evacuation. However, the minister has reportedly said that the state is prepared. This will happen when the ship captain expresses a wish to carry out the evacuation.

Vera SU
Image Credits: Konstantin Dishliev – YouTube

Per Alexiev, the rescue operation is difficult owing to bad weather conditions with sea waves exceeding 4 points. Another key factor is the location: They cannot bring in heavy equipment as it is a well-protected area. There have been high waves in recent times. Due to strong winds, any air operation is risky.

Asked if the country had delayed taking action, Alexiev commented that Bulgaria was not a pirate country. He also added that it had acted most adequately and abiding by international law.

On 20 September, the ship crashed around 4 am near Kamen Bryag into the rocks of the Yailata Reserve. The ship is Panama-flagged. It has travelled to Varna from Ukraine with about 3,300 tons of nitrogen fertilizers.

Rescue operations have been delayed by a week to decide who must tow the ship.


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