Titanic Made Of 9,090-Pieces Unveiled As One Of LEGO’s Most Challenging Sets

On October 7th, the toy company, LEGO announced the upcoming launch of its largest Lego model of the Titanic, a dream ship for all Lego fans. With 9,090 pieces, the soon-to-launch Titanic set (10294) has, so far, been one of Lego’s most challenging experiences to date.

It edges out the previous record holders: Lego’s Colosseum with 9,036 pieces, and the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars) that had 7,541 pieces. Even though it is a one-of-its-kind model, it is not the Lego set with the most number of pieces overall, because the Lego Art World Map includes 11,695.

Available on 8 November, the set is priced at $630. It does not come with a Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, or the iceberg.

lego titanic
Image Credits: lego.com

Lego’s Titanic, available for pre-order from 1 November, emphasizes authentic minute details like no other Lego set has done before. The ship’s outside measures 53 inches. It includes swimming pools, cargo cranes, lifeboats, multiple decks, and other functioning features like adjustable masts and working anchors.

It also — ironically, given the ship’s fate — breaks apart into three sections, allowing creators to take a sneak peek inside the hull, where there are multiple floors of rooms, the iconic staircase, a smoking lounge, and well-outlined engine and boiler rooms.

lego titanic
Image Credits: lego.com

During a press release, Lego reportedly said that besides its size, the Titanic was known for unparalleled grandeur and that too has been rightly captured in the set.

Beneath its unmatched exterior, the LEGO Titanic has multiple interior rooms that are worth exploring, including the huge Jacobean-style dining saloon and the grand staircase that spans six decks.


titanic lego
Image Credits: lego.com

Beyond its “grandeur,” the Titanic to date is popular as one of the greatest tragedies in history. In 1912, when it set sail for New York City from Southampton in England, 2,222 individuals, including the ship’s crew members, were on it. About 1,517 individuals had been killed when the British passenger liner struck an iceberg and sank.

The coming year will mark 110 years since the fateful night.

Reference: nypost.com

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