Ship Captain Surrenders License, Agrees To Never Seek One Again

The captain of the cargo vessel Ever Forward, stuck in the Chesapeake Bay in 2022, has given up the pilotage license in Maryland and reportedly agreed to never seek one again, per a consent decree.

The cargo vessel had been travelling to Norfolk from Baltimore on 13 March when it had run aground toward the north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The ship, piloted by Captain Steven Germac, got stuck outside the shipping channel but had not blocked marine navigation.

Ever Forward
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The ship was freed in mid-April 2022, over a month after it had run aground.

Officials have mentioned that the grounding hasn’t resulted in reports of injuries, damages, or pollution.

The US Coast Guard mentioned that their examination determined some major contributing factors to the incident. Of them, one was the use of cell phones.

Germac hasn’t piloted a vessel since the grounding happened.

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