Port Of Rotterdam Continues 24/7 Operations

The port of Rotterdam is and remains open for business, despite the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on society and the economy.

That is Allard Castelein’s message for the Netherlands, which owes more than 6% of its earning power and 385,000 jobs to the existence of the port of Rotterdam.

Castelein: “In view of the economic significance of the port, it makes complete sense that shipping handling has been designated by the Dutch government as a vitally important process, both for the Netherlands and for consumers and producers in the European hinterland. Shippers, shipping companies, manufacturing industry, consumers: everyone is counting on Rotterdam.

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Image Credits: portofrotterdam.com

I’m proud of the fact that the port and industrial complex fulfils this important responsibility day in and day out. From pilots and boatmen to world players in container handling and oil refineries: everyone has a contribution to make. Cargo handling and production continue unabated. The Harbour Master Division is monitoring safety and public order on the water. The port is working as usual and operations continue 24/7.”

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and other essential links in the logistics chain have taken measures to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Health is our top priority. At the same time, we are also trying to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on the functioning of the port of Rotterdam and industry. We have very frequent consultations with the various nautical service providers, companies and interest groups, both bilaterally and in a range of consultation structures. There are also very regular discussions with public authorities, both local and national, with the aim of ensuring that the port continues to operate as well as possible in the current difficult conditions.

Reference: portofrotterdam.com

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