New eBook – A Practical Guide To Yard Delivery Of New Ship

Ever wondered what would it be like to take delivery of a brand new ship from a shipyard?

Have you ever learnt about the various stages involved in the process, the exact procedure followed and the methods undertaken to takeover a new ship?

Do you know the the right legalities, certifications and contracts required?

As maritime professionals, most of us would be required to be a part of a team assigned with the task of taking over a new ship from the shipyard. As this process doesn’t take place that often, not everyone gets the opportunity or have idea as to how to carry out the yard delivery process.

Considering the complexities of the shipyard delivery process of a new ship, Marine Insight is launching a new ebook “A Practical Guide To Yard Delivery Of Ship” for maritime professionals of all ranks.

What you will learn in the eBook?

  • Detailed procedures of yard delivery of new ship
  • Important details of the contract required
  • Communication with the shipyard
  • Legalities involved
  • Responsibilities of all maritime professionals involved with the process
  • Safety of seafarers/takeover crew in the shipyard
  • Lists of surveys and certificates required
  • Importance of guarantee certificate for claims
  • Procedure to carry out sea trails
  • Taking over procedure and duties for maiden voyage
  • …And much more!

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Who Should Read This eBook?

  • Seafarers of All Ranks – Deck department, Engine Department, Ratings etc.
  • Ship Managers /Ship management team
  • Superintendents
  • Ship owners
  • Everyone working in the shipping industry or interested in the same.

Contents of the eBook:















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