Grounded Ship Vera Su’s Captain And Second Assistant Captain To Remain In Custody

The Dobrich District Court has kept the ship captain of “Vera Su” in custody. Per the court, it can be assumed that he has been involved in the crime for which he is accused and is at risk of absconding, given that he is an international citizen and does not have a permanent residence in Bulgaria.

Vera Su’s captain has been reportedly accused of allowing the ship to get stuck. In the process, he endangered more lives and damaged the property of someone else. Per the court, data on the captain’s failure has been collected to fulfill obligations for the ship’s safety, irrespective of the fact that he was not on the watch that night.

Before the decision was declared, the ship captain’s official defender said that the captain was not on watch when the ship arrived in the country’s territorial waters. He added that it is still not clear why crew members missed taking the radio calls. He also added that there is no risk of absconding and that he is also cooperative with investigations. He further requested that the captain be placed on house arrest at the municipal hotel, Kavarna.

Vera Su
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Vera Su’s captain expressed respect for the court and said that he supported the lawyer’s request. When in custody, he asked for improved conditions. However, the court has announced that the captain and the second assistant captain will remain in permanent custody. The lawyer of the second assistant captain tried negotiating a release on bail or that he be on house arrest.

However, the court remanded him in custody as there was evidence supporting that he had not fulfilled his duty on watch. A representative of the company which owns Vera Su also attended the meeting.


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