First Time: China Achieves Breakthrough With Shipborne Unmanned Submersible Retractable System

China’s key project of “deep-sea key technology and equipment” has recently made new breakthroughs. The “ship-borne unmanned submersible retractable system” independently developed by the country has recently passed the standardized sea test acceptance, achieving a zero breakthrough in related technologies.

As a key project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, this sea test is mainly aimed at evaluating the effects and functional indicators of the unmanned submersible retractable system and its supporting retractable docking device.

During the sea test, the testers used a gantry-type lifting device equipped with a powered underwater active retractable cage, grab-type retractable cage and other retractable and docking devices, which were used for unmanned submersibles in complex sea conditions. Various deployment and recycling experiments were carried out.

China's unmanned submersible retraction, extension system passes test
Image Credits: CGTN

Jiang Yuliang, general manager of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Nanjing CSSC Oasis Zhenjiang Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd.: Using this technology can effectively reduce the impact of waves and ship swaying on the deployment and recovery process of unmanned submersibles under complex sea conditions, and greatly improve unmanned submersibles. The safety and reliability of submersible deployment and recovery.

It is understood that this sea test is the first time in China. In the future, with the development of the marine economy to the deep sea, there will be more and more scientific research activities such as the exploration of deep sea mineral resources and marine biological investigation. The success of the sea test of this project also marks With the further improvement of the country’s application capabilities in the field of shipborne unmanned submersible retractable systems.


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