Egyptian Firm Whose Vessel Got Delayed Due To Suez Canal Blockage Sues ‘Ever Given’ Owners

Sada el-Balad, an Egyptian broadcaster, has announced that Egypt’s National Navigational Company has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the owners of Ever Given.

Per the broadcaster, the enterprise seeks compensation, claiming to have experienced massive losses as its Wadi Sudr vessel was incapable of carrying on with its voyage due owing to the incident that happened with Ever Given. The first court meeting regarding the matter has been scheduled to happen on Sunday.

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The 1,300-feet container vessel Ever Given, operated by a Taiwanese firm, had been stuck in the Suez Canal on 23 March. After days of towing efforts and dredging, it was again refloated on 29 March, finally unblocking the key trade channel that connects Asia to Europe.

In April, an Egyptian court had ruled to seize the cargo vessel till its owner completed the payment of approximately $900 million as compensation to the SCA for all lost traffic fees for the six-day blockage along with maintenance and salvage expenses. The vessel owners and the SCA had decided on the compensation during the initial days of July 2021, after which the vessel was released.


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