Crew Members Doubt Their Employment Status After Arrest Notice For Cruise Ship

The Crystal Symphony cruise vessel that was supposed to dock on Saturday in Miami, altered its course, sailing to the Bahamas with guests and crew members on board after a federal judge of the US ordered seizure amid a lawsuit due to fuel bills that were overdue.

On Sunday, a ferry carried some guests to Port Everglades in Florida, from where they moved to local airports. This was informed by the Associated Press. They added that the firm mentioned that the ride was unpleasant owing to inclement weather.

Even though the company’s official website states that the Crystal Symphony is capable of carrying 848 passengers, it remained unclear how many were on the vessel, with news outlets mentioning 300–700 passengers, per Time’s report.

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The NY Times reported that passengers were provided with an extra night owing to the unforeseen rerouting. In a statement, the management of Crystal Cruises said that it had decided to suspend its operations until April.

This was a tough choice but a prudent decision and based on the current business situation and most recent developments with Genting Hong Kong, the parent company. The declaration was made by Crystal’s president Jack Anderson.

Earlier, Peninsula Petroleum Far East had allegedly filed a lawsuit and Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises in federal court for breaching contract. It was hoping to recover an unpaid $4.6 million of fuel costs. An arrest warrant for the vessel was issued as part of a maritime practice that permits a US Marshal to board a ship in US waters. However, when the vessel headed for the Bahamas, the execution failed.

The AP mentioned in a report that guests and entertainers who were on the vessel were surprised to know about the lawsuit. Crystal Cruises Management had informed them that the rerouting was owing to “non-technical operational” problems.


Cruise Ship Changes Route Midway Due To $1.2 Million In Unpaid Fuel Bills

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