Baltic Exchange Launches New Website For Expert Witness Association

The Baltic Exchange’s Expert Witness Association is ready to establish itself as the center of the maritime expert witness world.

Born from the previous Baltic Exchange Expert Witness Panel, the Baltic Expert Witness Association (BEWA) boasts an array of expertise comprising shipbrokers, shipowners and operators, charterers, financiers, Masters, surveyors, naval architects, engineers and more.

It is managed by a council elected from BEWA members and is governed by its own rules. All BEWA members subscribe to the Baltic Code of Conduct.

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In 2017, users of the expert services – including lawyers and P&I clubs – identified the need for a more transparent association where a broader scope of experts could be found in one place.

With the support and input of the Baltic Exchange, BEWA was born.

“It’s crucial to have a clearly defined location where maritime professionals can seek out expert witnesses,” said Richard Goodall, Chairman of BEWA, ahead of BEWA’s new website launch.

“An effective expert witness needs to have patience, flexibility and the ability to think and present thoughts logically.

“We have members with many years of cumulative experience from both the commercial and technical sides of shipping who are willing and able to assist in maritime dispute resolution and consultancy.

“The Baltic Exchange’s expert witness database allows you to log in easily and find the most suitable individual for a particular job.”

BEWA operates as a distinct membership tier under the Baltic Exchange umbrella and forms part of the Baltic Exchange group of maritime and related services.

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