Almost 100,000 Filipino Seafarers Successfully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

So far, almost 100,000 Filipino seafarers have been vaccinated against COVID-19. This has boosted their chances to be hired once again by foreign shipping enterprises.

Per the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines or TUCP, rehiring of seafarers from the Philippines is increasing since they were made a part of priority COVID-19 vaccination groups.

From nearly 470,000 Filipino seafarers who were employed in 2019, only about 252,000 seafarers could leave in 2020 owing to the lockdown brought about by the ongoing pandemic.

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TUCP representatives have said that the rate at which the local and national governments are vaccinating seafarers, they are optimistic that they can reach their target of Filipino seafarers fully vaccinated and completely ready for redeployment by 2021 end.


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