52 Incidents Reported To Australian Maritime Safety Authority In Jan 2020

The information you provide in your incident report plays an important part in guiding the way we improve maritime safety for everybody on the water. By reporting marine incidents to us, you are also meeting your reporting obligations under Australian laws.

Representation Image – Credits: amsa.gov.au

There were 52 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels in January 2020. Of these, 11 were serious.

State Vessel Type Incident
QLD Passenger During a crew training session, there was a delay in altering course and the vessel struck two private pontoons. Minor damage sustained to the vessel and one pontoon broke away from pylon. No injuries reported.
NSW Passenger Motor failure and power loss caused a house boat to collide with a ferry and lodge under the wing deck. No injuries or pollution reported.
NSW Hire and drive Speed and swell caused the driver of a personal watercraft to fall overboard and hit his head on the vessel handlebar. He was treated at the scene for lacerations and concussion then transported to hospital for further treatment.
QLD Fishing (Commercial) Fishing vessel ran aground on reef. Five crew members on board abandoned vessel into dories. No injuries or pollution reported.
TAS Fishing (Commercial) Vessel grounded on rocks due to broken anchor cable. Vessel was towed off the rocks and sank. No pollution reported.


SA Fishing (Commercial) Crew member fell into an open fish holding tank while alighting from dinghy to secure it to fishing vessel.  He climbed out of tank and reported he was in pain, then transported to hospital.
NSW Passenger Bushfires in the region resulted in fine ash causing blockage of sea strainers on vessel. The engine could only operate at a low RPM to prevent overheating. No passengers aboard and vessel continued its passage.
NSW Passenger After passengers boarded vessel, the main engine funnel began smoking excessively. It was caused by an excess build-up of cylinder lubricant oil that hadn’t been drained through the muffler drain plug. Stack was boundary cooled above and below decks, maintaining the exhaust muffler and funnel below 100 degrees Celsius. The drain was later found to be blocked by carbon deposits.
NSW Passenger Vessel dragged anchor onto bow of another vessel. Both vessels damaged as a result.  No injuries reported.
QLD Passenger Passenger vessel passed a marina at high speed within 30-metre safe zone and created    excessive wash. The wash reached the pontoon causing a crew member with a trolley of food and drinks to loose balance and fall into the river with the trolley. The trolley dragged him underwater but he was able to pull himself out.
NSW Non-passenger Vessel partially submerged and taken under tow. The vessel maintained buoyancy due to air pocket in hull however this reduced during towage and the vessel sank. No pollution reported. Location of wreck was marked and relevant authorities notified.

Reference: amsa.gov.au

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