Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

Lighthouses remain one of the most enchanting features related to marine world. Imagine if you got to experience one in all its grandeur along with the amazing location and the view- that would make a trip worth all the expenses for anyone. Lighthouse hotels offer you best of both worlds with the luxury of any hotel in the world and an enviable view exclusive.

We bring to you top 10 most beautiful lighthouse hotels in the world

1.       Corsewall Lighthouse hotel

Located on the Scotland’s spectacular coastline, this lighthouse hotel is an enchanting world of its own. A small but unique luxury hotel, this is a complete package that every holidaying person looks for.

Good food, great hospitality and plethora of activities all along with a great view is what makes this lighthouse hotel truly a beautiful destination.

2.       Molja lighthouse

Located at end of a 100 meter sea wall in Aalesund, Norway, this lighthouse is the perfect blends of old time marine beauty and the modern day hospitality.

A hotel with a view just as beautiful on a bright clear sunny day as it is enchanting in winter mist, this easily makes to the list of the most amazing hotels of the world.

3.       Svinoey lighthouse

Experience of the bliss of solitude in one the more beautiful places of the world.

Located about 12 nautical miles off the Norwegian coast, this lighthouse hotel offers the experience of a luxury home with all its warmth intact along with the rustic marine décor that is embedded in the very lighthouse light here.

4.       Lundy lighthouse

The very essence of this place would instantly transport you to medieval times, complete with little stone cottages, lush green patches, a castle, a church, a farm, pub and a lighthouse to complete the view.

Making one of the most amazing hotels in the world, this lighthouse hotel would be the best bet for anyone with a love for nature and planning to visit England.

5.       Saugerties lighthouse

Located close to NY, this lighthouse seems rather out of place but you have to visit it to know how mistaken that notion can be. Close to the Hudson River, this lighthouse is a hotel open year round. With only two bedrooms, this is privacy in style- something very hard to find. With a history of its own, the very lighthouse light here seems enchanting enough.

But there is a lot more to experience than just that. What will blow your mind away- its beauty and personal touch.

6.       Heceta Head lighthouse

Sitting in a room while listening to the rush of ocean when you can almost feel the tides below your feet, the experience is not likely to escape your memory for a very long time.

One of the most beautiful lighthouse hotels of the world, this hotel offers just that. With accommodation being offered all the year round, this lighthouse is epitome of combination of marine beauty with modern day luxury.

7.       Harlingen lighthouse

Redefining heaven on earth, this lighthouse will offer you a complete view of the ocean from every point in your room. All you need to do is to smell the ocean that you can feel right in your room.

Spacious, beautiful, comfortable- there is nothing more anyone can ask for in a hotel. And when you get a view like here, you wouldn’t want to bargain either.

8.       East brother light station

Located on the straits between San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, this is one of the most unique lighthouse hotels of the world. With rooms offering a variety of decors, the view will compensate any issues you might have with the tiny space of the lighthouse interior.

Experience pleasure of a boat ride, champagne, gourmet food and much more, all at one time.

9.       Point Betsie lighthouse

Lighthouse located on the sands of the Traverse City, this is one of the best ways places to enjoy a great experience of beach, sand, drinks, food, history of the marine world and a view of the ocean like no other.

And if this is not enough of incentives to visit the place, the homely experience and the warmth of this place should make the cut for you.

10.   Yediburunlar lighthouse

Set amongst the backdrop of hills of Yedi, this lighthouse hotel will take your breath away with its beauty. Enjoy the evening sun with best lightshow put by nature herself. Orange and purple would have never looked better together.

The ocean, the breeze, the trees and the surroundings that this lighthouse hotel is set in makes it one of the most beautiful spots to visit, along with of course being one of the most amazing hotels around.

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