A List of Documents Required by New Shipping Company Under Safety Management System

A Safety Management System is a set of guidelines formed and lined up by a shipping company so that the later can comply with the International Safety Management Code of SOLAS.

As discussed in our article on ISM Certificates, a new company can only get ISM certificates when the administration issuing them is satisfied with the implementation of SMS on both ship and shore. A survey is done based on the proposed company’s safety management system based on ISM code, and only after this the certificates are issued.

ISM code
Credits: imo.org

When a new company is formed, a complete safety management manual will be formulated which will incorporate all safety related and pollution prevention issues under maritime law.

The administration will check all the safety aspects proposed by the company its ships, and hence following documentation must be included and maintained in the SMS:

  • Safety Management Manual which incorporate all the safety and pollution prevention  procedures
  • Navigation and bridge operation procedure
  • Engine room safe operation procedure
  • Local posted instruction for various safety and Fire fighting equipment
  • Master and Crew responsibility in different types of emergency
  • Communication procedure
  • Safety Procedures
  • Disaster control plan
  • Health and personal care
  • ISM Audit procedure
  • Other Documents as required by the administration

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  1. i am intersted in opening up a shiping company. i want to purchase my own cargo vessel to ship container from japan to south america in transit to china. i am completely new to this business.
    i would like to know the regulation of transiting in different ports of different countries to reach final destination. do we have to make agreement with different countries customes in order to be able to transit. i am at the research point and really need some basic information to start with.

    thank you

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