New eBook: A Guide To Effective Communication On Ships – For Deck Department [40% OFF]

Lack of proper communication has been the main contributing factor in several maritime casualties, which has led to losses of entire ship and cargo, and sometimes even worse, fatalities. ebook deck
Though English is considered as an international maritime language, there are several mariners who still need to learn and use English efficiently.

Good communication skills are mandatory for overall safety, security, safe navigation and shipping business.

It is said that more than 80% of the merchant vessel crew is multilingual and multiethnic. Though this is great in regards to the diversity of the crew, chances of misunderstanding related to problems of communication are extremely high.

Ineffective communication skills have also been one of the major reasons for the loss of jobs and employment opportunities among seafarers.

Thus if you are a maritime professional working on ships, understanding and using a standardised communication system is not only important to improve communication abilities but also to facilitate social harmony and teamwork on board.

Considering the importance of effective communication onboard ships, we have introduced the guide ” A Guide to Effective Communication On Ships – For Deck Department“.

Written by the very experienced Master Mariner Abhishek Bhanawat, this practical guide is the product of his 15 years of sea-going experience.

In this ebook, you will learn about three important aspects of communication on board ships

1. Inter-crew communication
2. Ship-to-ship communication
3. Ship-to-shore communication

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