10 Occasions When Seafarers Are Happy On Board Ship

Majority of seafarers are “Happy-go-lucky” people whether at shore or on board ship. However, needless to say, there are some main occasions when they are more happy than usual.

If you are a seafarer, you would immediately know what we are talking about. But for the sake of some fun, let’s list down those important occasions, which make you happy, fortunately or unfortunately.

1. When You Get Shore Leave After A Long Long Time

happy seafarer

2. When you get a network signal in your phone in the middle of nowhere

happy seafarer

3. When your senior comes to you for help

happy seafarer

4. When the chief cook makes an amazing buffet with all your favourite dishes

amazing food

5. When the ship’s crew get together and dance like no one is watching at a party (or at a sports event)


6. When you don’t know how to dance but are entitled as the best dancer at a ship party


7. When you crash to your bed after long day of hard work on ship


8. When the agent comes to the ship with phone recharge cards and movies.

9. When you’re homesick and you receive an email from a loved one

happy seafarer

10. When you say the last goodbye to the rest of the crew (who are secretly sad and envious to see you go) while signing off of the ship

Over to you..

When are you most happy on board ships?

Let’s know in the comments below.

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  1. My most happy moments are when I get a phone signal to call my family after many days without.
    The day my reliever is onboard and I’m signing off the ship, so happy and anxious to go see my loved ones .

  2. when a got my contract finish and offcourse signoff in good health and see my family and a good way.

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