Launching New eBooks: Marine Refrigeration Series – Design, Operation & Maintenance

Marine refrigeration system on board ships is necessary for efficient temperature control of perishable cargo and crew provision. A continuously running system, both at sea and port, the reefer plant comprises of several important components which require individual attention and regular maintenance.

For an efficient and smooth running refrigeration plant, proper understanding of the design and operation of each and every part of the system, along with the knowledge of the right troubleshooting guidelines, is necessary.

Considering the important of marine refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, on board ships, Marine Insight along with the very experienced chief engineer S.N. Batra, has made the “Marine Refrigeration” eBooks which explain the marine refrigeration system right from the basics upto to troubleshooting of the most common issues.

The Marine Refrigeration Series consists of four parts:

  1. A Guide To Design And Operation Of Marine Refrigeration System
  2. An Advanced Guide To Marine Refrigeration System On Ships
  3. Frequently Asked Questions On Marine Refrigeration System
  4. Troubleshooting of Marine Refrigeration System

The series will also include four important checklists.

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S. N. Batra

About the Author

Mr. S.N. Batra is a retired chief engineer and superintendent, who has worked with Shipping Corporation of India (SCI). As a technical superintendent he has been in-charge of all technical operations, surveys, repairs and dry-docking of ships. After serving for 45 years in the shipping industry, he has been a lecturer and visiting faculty for several maritime training institutes in India.

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  1. It would be nice if there was a preview or take a peek on your ebook like other sites do, especially on the engine side. I love your website though.

  2. Dear Mr.Newbie engineer,
    Pls advise some good websites through which I can get useful ebooks for both deck & engine side.

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