Top 4 Books on Marine Auxiliary Machinery

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Marine Auxiliary Machinery requires an in-depth study to understand and ensure the proper functioning of a ship’s main engines, piping systems, and other important supporting equipment systems.

Marine engineering officers, undergraduate students, and those preparing for marine engineering competency certificate exams should be well versed with all the requisite updates and developments in the field of marine and technology. Marine auxiliary Machinery forms an integral part of ship technology and marine engineering syllabus. For marine engineering students and those interested in enhancing their knowledge on ship’s machinery, here are the names of the top 6 books on Marine Auxiliary Machinery.

1) Marine Auxiliary Machinery – H.D. McGeorge

marine auxiliary This is one must-have marine machinery book for all marine engineering students and ship’s engine crew. It provides comprehensive description for all engine room systems and offers elaborated  explanation for different marine auxiliary machinery systems. Modernization in marine engineering, understanding of the rules and regulations and principles are conveyed in a practical oriented, easily accessible orderly fashion.

Featured Topics:

  • Propulsion Services and heat exchanger
  • Marine auxiliary machinery service systems
  • Ship equipment
  • Valves and pipelines
  • Tank and gas cargo pumping system
  • Refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Safety equipment etc
  • Important marine technology

marine engineering 2) Introduction to Marine Engineering, 2nd Ed by D.A. Taylor

With regular revised versions and periodic updates, this marine machinery book is ideal for the Class 3 and 4 Engineer’s Certificates of Competency. Also it assists the students of the first two years of the Engineer Cadet Training Scheme and the Master’s Certificate. It reflects the greater importance of equipment reliability, fuel-efficient engines, auto-machinery, fewer marine engineering crew all for the purpose of a cost-effective operation of ships.

Featured Topics:

  • Ship technology, equipment and machinery
  • Marine diesel engine and marine technology
  • Steam turbines and gearing
  • Boilers and feed systems
  • Deck machinery and hull equipment
  • Shafting and propellers
  • Watch keeping and safety control
  • Electrical gears and instrumentation


3) General Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers – Leslie Jackson

General Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers This marine machinery book serves the need of students preparing for the Certificates in Competency of the Department of Transport in the subject of General Engineering Knowledge, Ship technology, and the Marine Engineering Cadet Courses.


  • Emphasis on basic principles
  • Extensive illustrations
  • Worked examples and practice examples
  • Specimen exam questions in the end of every chapter






4) Marine Auxiliary Machinery and Systems by M. Khetagurov

This maritime publication deals with all the principles and fundamentals of the theory, design, and operation of a definite group of marine auxiliary machinery. It allows the reader to evaluate machinery characteristics, calculation and selection and to analyse new designs in the field of marine engineering.

It comprises of three parts, which are:

  • Marine Fluid-Pressure Mechanisms: discussing reciprocation, rotary, centrifugal, propeller and jet pumps, fans and fluid drives
  • Specialized Marine Auxiliary Machinery and marine and ship technology
  • Shipboard Systems: relevant information and the special systems of ice-breakers and tankers


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