Top 5 Books on Marine Boilers

Marine boilers form an integral part of marine machinery system on board ships. An efficient maintenance of a ship is incomplete without a clear understanding of ship’s boilers.

In this article we have enumerated books that are extremely important to learn and operate marine boilers.

All the mentioned books provides information on marine boilers and the associated equipment as used at sea. These books are a must have for marine engineers taking the Steam Paper, Class Two, or Class Four Certificate of Competency for Marine Engineer Officers.

The information provided is given in the form of comprehensive text with supporting diagrams that help the reader to understand and remember important machinery details.

In these books you will find information on welded boilers, various types of water tube boiler, rotary air heater, water level alarm, consolidated type safety valve, hydraulic testing and various aspects of survey, maintenance and operational problems etc.

Top 5 Books for Marine Boiler

1. Marine Boiler – G T H Flanagan

2. Marine Steam Boilers – James Hugh Milton

3. Marine Boiler Management and Construction – C. E. Stromeyer

4. Heating Boiler Operator’s Manual: Maintenance, Operation, and Repair – Mohammad Malek

5. Marine Engines and Boilers – Their Design and Construction

 Other Books Worth Mentioning 

1. Marine Auxiliary Machinery – H.D McGeorge

2. Introduction to Marine Engineering – D. A Taylor

3. Boiler Operation Engineering

4. Boiler Operator’s Guide

5. Forged Steel Water-tube Marine Boilers

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  1. can you discuss the electrical diagram of marine boiler and convert to block diagram

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