The World’s Largest Marine Tidal Turbine

The world largest Marine Tidal Turbine-Seagen, introduced by the Marine Current Turbine Ltd, is the world’s only commercially operated marine tidal turbine.

This green marine tidal turbine is capable of delivering up to 6000 MWh electricity/energy per year with the most important factor – zero environmental pollution.

A Marine Turbine works on the same principle as that of a wind turbine. The energy from the ocean currents is utilized to rotate the submerged rotors instead of wind turbine. The turbine does not consume any kind of fuel or generates any form of marine environment pollution.

The importance of marine tidal turbine over wind turbines has been observed and appreciated, as tidal flows are more predictable when compare to the air which carries more velocity in short period.

Features of tidal turbine:

  • Can be installed in mid ocean where the tidal current forces can be utilised most efficiently.
  • The turbine design is made in such a manner that it can utilize both the side movement of current flow and ebbs of the tides.
  • The rotor and its tip are submerged below the water which safeguards the rotor from getting damaged from rough sea.
  • The rotor made up of two blades is moves slowly to avoid harm to marine organisms.
  • A monitoring system is installed to survey the above point.
  • The turbine is so arranged that it can be lifted out of sea water for maintenance purpose whenever the need arise.
  • The turbine has the capacity to deliver 10 mwh per tide.

Future of Tidal Turbine

Marine Current Turbine Ltd has started working on the project to set a farm of tidal turbines-Seagen at Skerries off northwest of Wales, and the project is expected to get completed in 2011-2012.

Another Marine Tidal farms will be installed in Bay of Fundy and at Vancouver, Canada.

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