Skysails: Pioneering ‘Green Ship’ Uniquely

‘Skysails’ is that genre of engineering science that uses extensive utilization of wind energy to move a vessel in the sea water. In terms of going green and using natural resources as effective energy suppliers, ‘Skysails’ is the ultimate vision as a green ship.

The skysail engineering science incorporates the use of towing kites to make the vessel move forward rather than the traditional concept of sails or diesel or steam propulsion. And since the ‘Skysails’ technology allows the towing kite to gain a height of anything between 100 metres – 300 metres, it becomes implied that this is the height where stronger winds tend to prevail. Because of such in-depth thought process involved in the designing of this green ship, there is no denying that if the skysail technology is used far more extensively, it will lead to immediate and prompt problem solving of the crisis of marine pollution and degeneration of the marine life-forms and eco-system.

How it Works?

The specific towing kite is made in such a way that it can be raised to its proper elevation and then brought back with the help of a ‘telescopic mast’ that enables the towing kite to be raised properly and effectively. This helps to facilitate the best possible speed for the naval vessel. The entire process of the mast raising and then folding the skysail back, takes anything between 10-20 minutes and is a splendid sight to see. Another important aspect that has to be noted about the skysails involved is that they can be raised only when the wind is right because the skysail will not work effectively in generating the required speed for the naval vessel.

It can be said that the shape of the skysail takes the form of a paraglider when it really high in the sky and as far as providing acceleration to the naval vessel is concerned; skysails allow a naval vessel to generate a speed which is easily five to 25 times more potent than routinely used sails.

Material of Kites

The sailcloth used in skysails is synthetic and therefore durable when it comes to the point about rains and rainfall. Also it has to be noted that the energy that is supplied through the skysail to propel the vessel forward is passed on through a wire or a cable that is structured within the towing rope which is used to raise the towing kite to its desired height. The towing rope is also synthetic in terms of the material used and therefore is equally durable.

Additionally, it is also has to be noted that everything is automated and power operated so that when there is any crisis situation, the skysail can be effectively manoeuvred through the appropriate skysail control room.


‘Skysails’ is a very brilliant concept in terms of its innovation and since the requirement of green ship is what is needed in today’s times, the concept of skysail needs to be greatly and immensely appreciated. When one talks excessively about the degradation of the environment that is occurring because of burning of fossil fuels and emission of other harmful gases, instaurations and innovations like these help to balance the negatives in the environment and create an atmosphere of absolute favorableness.

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