SAVER 10000 : A Unique Ecofriendly Container Ship

The name SAVER is an acronym for Seaspan Action for Vessel Energy Reduction. Built by the shipping corporation, Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. (SSML), SAVER 10000 is a container vessel of altogether different kind.

It is a known fact that all container vessels are one of the prime sources of pollution at sea.  Since it has become very important in today’s times to preserve and safeguard the marine eco-system, all major shipping companies are looking at designing ships that will cause very few polluting gases in the marine atmosphere.

SAVER 10000

The SAVER 10000 is a vessel that does not go very fast in the water. This helps to reduce the rate of emissions in the marine environment. Additionally along with successful regulation of emissions, the amount of fuel spent per voyage is also brought down considerably. This is a very huge and vital positive point about the ship’s utility.

Some of the highlights about the SAVER 10000 can be enumerated as follows:

  • The ship has been nominated for the prestigious Nor-Shipping Awards 2011 under the Next Generation Ship awards category. The award ceremony will be held in Norway on the 24th May

The hull and the propeller are two vital wheels when it comes to ships. The amount and extent of fuel utilised and burnt also depends on these two factors. This is why, SSML with the help of a registered and well-known system known as CASPER has ensured that if at all there is a fuel consumption problem with the hull and the propeller of the SAVER 10000, the necessary maintenance work can be carried out immediately, even while the ship is on water. In other words, it means that if the fuel requirement for the ship increases past its required limit, then necessary measures to solve the problem are carried out by the experts.

With the help of ships like the SAVER 10000, the shipping industry has taken a turn for the better. Understanding the requirements of not just the global consumer market but also paying equal attention to relevant natural resources’ presence is a major factor that will enable the future marine shipping activities to be carried out far more responsibly than what it used to be a few decades ago.

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