Aghia Marina: The World’s Largest Vessel Equipped with Kite Power Technology

Aghia Marina is one of the most preeminent dry bulk cargo carriers for transporting agricultural and industrial raw materials and commodities. Constructed in Kanda, Japan, in the year of 1994, this 170 metre long bulk vessel can carry about 28,500 tonnes of deadweight. The Mitsubishi 5UEC52LA powered main engine can provide a service speed of up to 14 knots with a consumption rate of 20 MT IFO.

What makes the Aghia Marina significant is that, under the terms of the agreement between its Greek owner/manager Anbros Maritime S.A. and Cargill, an international organisation, this dry bulk cargo carrier would be installed with the world’s largest kite as an auxiliary wind propulsion produced by SkySails in the first quarter of 2012. Thus, hereafter Aghia Marina would be considered as the world’s largest kite powered vessel.

This 320 m2 kite would enable the dry bulk cargo carrier to be a green technology by utilizing wind power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aghia Marina would follow this kite which would be connected to the ship by a rope and will fly in a figure-of-eight formation at a height of between 100 to 420 metres. Totally computer operated by an automatic pod to maximise wind benefits, this kite is believed to generate a propulsion power of more than 2,000 kW (approx. 2,700 HP) to cut down consumption of the bunker fuel and as well as SOx, NOx and CO2 emissions by up to 35 percent in ideal sailing conditions; which is again environment friendly and would boast Aghia Marina as a Green Ship.

Aghia Marina, which Cargill has on long-term charter, will use the SkySails system for the next five years as per the agreement. The crew of this kite powered vessel would also be trained in the following months by SkySails on how to operate the kite propulsion. This vigorous effort by them would definitely contribute to the new era of green shipping.

Anbros, the current owner of Aghia Marina, is a member of the Union of Greek Ship-owners (UGS), an Owner Member of the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), and is an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified ISM/ISPS. It is also widely known and esteemed because of its excellence in operational and technical management, maintenance, reliability and safety and with the induction of this green technology, it would surely embark upon a new greener world.

In compliance with the modern developments in the shipping industry, in this ever intense and complex global green shipping environment, Aghia Marina is contended with the international rules and regulations, and its environmental stewardship commitments has led to the inherent capacity for coming into well being of this technology from both an ecological and economic perspective.

Type Bulk Carrier
Built 1994
Hull No. 358
Official No. 9087805
Call Sign 9HXX9
Deadweight 28,522 MT
Draft 9.77 MT
L.O.A 170.00 MT
Breadth 27.00 MT


Lifting Appliances Grain/Bale

Gross Tonnage

NET Tonnage



Main Engine


AUX. Engines

Speed/Consumption FO/DO Capacities

13.80 MT


IHI, 4 Sets X 30 TONS

37,694 CBM/36,665 CBM

17,428 MT

9,830 MT


6,288 MT


8,000 @ 133 RPM


ABT 13.75 KN @ 20 MT

1,145 MT/137 MT


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