The Artistic Cruise Ship AIDABlu

A Sphinx Class cruise ship, the AIDABlu was put into operation in the year 2010. Owned and operated by the AIDA Cruise Line, a subsidiary company of the Carnival Cruise Line, the AIDAblu is a one-of-its-kind beautiful cruise ship.

The present vessel christened as AIDABlu is the second vessel to be named so by the cruise company. The original AIDAblu, now re-christened as the Pacific Jewel, is operated by the Australian division of the Carnival Cruise Line – the P&O Cruises.

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AIDAdiva, AIDAbella and AIDAluna are three sister vessels to the Blu launched in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively.

AIDAblu Facts and Specifications

The main designing theme of the AIDAblu does not digress from the underlying premise of the AIDA Cruise Line. The company focuses on the cruise industry in and around German waters with an invigorating and energetic theme. This aspect has made the servicing of the cruise line quite popular and has led to each of the vessels being rated as the best cruise ship.

In case of the AIDAblu, in spite of the fact that the cruise ship is the fourth in the quadruplet of sister vessels, its dimensions are slightly on the higher side. Added to this is the singularity of the dining and other recreational feasibilities provided aboard the vessel. The Blu has 10 taprooms – and has its own beer fermentation plant – six different dining options and a state-of-the-art fitness centre. Apart from these facilities, the Blu also boasts of a theatre and other special recreational arenas specially designed for children.

  • The AIDAblu measures almost 252 metres lengthwise with a beam of 32.2 metres  and a draught of 7.2 metres
  • The ship has a gross tonnage of slightly over 70,000 tonnes with a speed of almost 20 knots
  • It has a maximum voyager carrying capacitance of over 2,000 passengers. The vessel is maintained by a crew of 634 persons
  • The luxury cruise ship was built in the famous shipbuilding yard of Meyer Werft in Germany
  • AIDAblu is the seventh cruise ship to be launched by the AIDA Cruise Line
  • The beautiful cruise ship is the current record holder for being the speediest vessel to cross the English Channel. It achieved the record in the month of November 2011

Apart from the seven ships presently being operated, the company has plans to launch quite a few more ships in the coming years – the most recent one being the AIDAmar, which is expected to be put into operation in May 2012.

Alongside the AIDAblu, you might even want to take a look at the unique features of her sister vessel, the AIDAdiva – another luxury cruise ship from the AIDA Cruise Line.

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