The Fantastic Cruise Ship AIDA Diva

Built in the German Meyer Werft shipbuilding yards, the Diva is a cruise vessel owned and operated by the AIDA cruise line. A sub-division of the P&O cruises, the AIDA cruise line is based in Germany.

The Diva or the AIDA Diva as the vessel is popularly known was built in the year 2007. It is the first vessel in a fleet of six that were ordered to be built by AIDA.

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The whole budget of the six-vessel fleet was fixed at two billion Euros with the Diva itself costing over 300 million Euros. The other five sister vessels are named as Bella, Luna, Blu, Sol and Time. Time is still under construction and will be put into operation only in the year 2012.

Vessel Features

  • The Diva is classed as being a Sphinx grade vessel. The speciality of these vessels comes from their gross weight tonnage. Each of the six ships measure almost 70,000 tonnes
  • Diva boasts of an onboard theatre – the theatrium, exquisite health spa feasibilities and Jacuzzis. There are in all 14 various kinds of spa treatments that people aboard the ship can enjoy and experience
  • Golf, squash, volleyball and many other sporting domains are offered by the Diva as the finest recreational amenities
  • In addition to the above, singular restaurants and dining options are also provided for the benefit of the patrons

Vessel Specifications

  • The vessel can easily accommodate 2,050 voyagers with a crew capacitance of nearly 650 crew members
  • The ship has a length of nearly 230 metres, a breadth of 32 metres and a depth of nearly 10 metres
  • The vessel offers a speed of 21 knots and is propelled by two engines powered by diesel. Each of the engines offer a energy output of 12.5 mega watts
  • The whole vessel has been designed with a view to offer strong environmental assistance to the already existing precarious marine ambiance
  • Alongside the above, the Diva boasts of internet and telephonic connectivity

The AIDA Diva is a vessel that cannot be matched. In the contemporary times, the Diva is a vessel that needs to be experienced.

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